I’ll stay here again. Grafton Guesthouse is 5/5 for me.

I try to stay in the city centre whenever I book accommodation. This is especially true if it’s the first time I’m visiting a city. In this case it’s Dublin. I’ve arrived in the city after a 22-hour transit from Singapore. I’m excited to check-in.

Grafton Guesthouse blends into this beautiful structure along South Great George’s Street.

Location. Grafton Guesthouse is located in a central Dublin city neighborhood. It’s a few steps away from one of the city’s shopping districts. It’s also a few blocks away from Temple Bar which is famous for its many pubs and restaurants. There’s no question about the location. Grafton Guesthouse is pretty central. It’s a guesthouse that’s managed by Kellys Hotel which is just a few doors away (about a 15 second hop across a small street next to Hogan’s Pub).

I got upgraded to use a gorgeous Loft Room with exposed brick walls. Loved it so much!

Ambiance. This was probably my favourite part. Other than being tucked inside of an old building, the interiors were impeccably designed. You have wood flooring and it felt like each of the rooms were distinct from the other. It smells like fresh wood. Like you want to cozy up by the fireplace and drink hot chocolate. The guesthouse itself doesn’t have too many rooms on one level. The ground level is simply a stairwell which leads to the first floor (yes, the 2nd floor is the 1st floor in these parts). A connecting door to a breakfast area which is open in the morning.

The skylights are remote-controlled. This is my standard for a European lodging. WOW.

Room.Β The room I originally booked was a smaller, compact room on the first floor. But there was a false fire alarm on my first night (it wasn’t originating from the guesthouse, it was coming from outside which triggered the fire alarm). They moved me to the loft on the top floor which is perfect for couples. But kinda too large for someone like me. Still loved it. It had a large TV screen and about 1/3rd of the space was a large bathroom with these apple-green tiles. It was the rooftop of this part of the building so it made for dramatic tall ceilings. LOVED EVERY BIT OF IT.

The shower area and the apple-green tiles. Great touch that compliments the wood.
Look at the detail to the lighting. Both natural and electric. The attention. ❀
Letting some of Dublin’s cool weather into my room.

Amenities. A simple breakfast is available at the breakfast area in the morning. It’s carefully spread over a long table and you can help yourself to toast, some fresh slices of cold meat, cheese, cereal, and fruit. You can ask for an espresso too.

Grab breakfast and enjoy people watching from the first level. Intimate setting.

Price.Β $$$. I can’t find anything in Dublin below SGD 200.00 per night during the super peak St. Patrick’s Day weekend. In fact, I almost stayed at a dorm room where a bed was SGD 200.00 per night. I spent about SGD 200.00+ on my first night here. The 2nd night was covered by my company.

George’s Overall Review. I will definitely stay here again if I get a chance to stay or visit Dublin in the future. Compared to the company-preferred accommodation I stayed at later on in the trip, Grafton Guesthouse has a boutique charm to it. It’s not a major hotel chain. It’s right up my alley: character + location. Do look for Grafton Guesthouse if you’re looking for a no-frills boutique hotel to stay at in central Dublin.

I found the website to Grafton Guesthouse here (http://graftonguesthouse.com/).

Location on Google Maps

  • 26-27 South Great George’s Street, Dublin 2, D02 X019, Ireland
  • South Great George’s Street
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