Meeting colleagues in Dublin is one thing. But getting to see how their office space looks like is just as fun. The company’s Dublin office is more of a campus spread over two buildings that go by a simple naming convention: new or old

The old building isn’t too bad at all. In fact, it’s cozier than its glass-and-steel sibling just a revolving door away. Like the new building, the old one has its own barista. YES. A barista. Both buildings also have their own food halls. This means you don’t have to troop to the other building for a meal.

What’s impressive is that the Dublin campusΒ sits right smack in the middle of an actual city neighborhood. I’m not talking about Singapore shimmery shiny CBD. Here you have floor-to-ceiling windows that give you an unobstructed view of rooftops and chimneys. How impressive that fact is for a local Irish colleague I clearly don’t know.

From the ground floor, meeting and game rooms are separated from the streets only by floor-to-ceiling windows. These are barely frosted. You can spot a delivery person walking outside. Like a voyeur in the life of an ordinary citizen. Why that fascinates me is because I’ve gotten used to walls and barriers in Asia. We work in towers. Here they work with a view of someone’s garage. You’re right there with everyone else on the street. Truly,Β members first.

So it wasn’t all Guinness beer and St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Or pubs and Irish dancing. There’s actual work to be done. I was in Ireland for work. Grateful to meet colleagues who work from the Dublin office. And seeing their cozy campus. I leave you with photos.

With some of my colleagues in Dublin.
The signature logo that greets all visitors.
For Dublin, it’s made of a special weave.
The weave has influences from across EMEA.
At first I thought it’s green year-round. They added a green sheath to give it a St. Patrick’s Day look.
The dining hall in the new building. The communal space is intended to make everyone feel they belong in “one town”.
The roof deck in the new building.Β 
Turn left for the barista.
Creating economic opportunity for the world’s professionals.
Meeting rooms on the higher levels.
The new building.
Add a jolt of creativity to your day?
Views of rooftops outside the Dublin office.
The games room in the new building.
Floor-to-ceiling windows that invite the city inside.
If you need focus time at the barista.
The barista in the new building.
Plenty of collaborative spaces.
Loving this capture with colleagues from Singapore, SFO, Sydney and Dublin.


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