Before I talk about Korean food… I’m at 59.6kg! I’ve reduced my carbs intake and I try to exercise at least three times a week. I’ve noticed my tummy area reduced. I’ve also noticed a more prominent jawline.

I was craving for budget Korean food.

Earlier, PJ and I met up at Kim Dae Bun in Concord Shopping Center (Orchard Road) to try the Korean food. I wanted something budget (by budget I mean $10 or below, certainly aware budget truly means $5 and below).

This restaurant has been here for two decades.
It’s a simple basement set-up that seems popular.

I ordered the tender beef set which comes with rice, soup, and a kimchi pairing. Okay, it wasn’t that impressive. Cheap and fills the tummy. But it isn’t out-of-this-world like at a Korean stall inside NEX shopping centre in Serangoon or a Koufu food court in rural Yew Tee.

Tender beef set

PJ tried the kim chi soup which was barely spicy (barely mild too). The tofu managed to absorb the soup a bit which was its only highlight.

Kim chi soup

I don’t know. Two nights of food disappointments. Last night we were at Leslie’s to try the most bland bulalo ever. My review here.

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