When the app said that the next Bus 195 to pass by Fort Canning will take 22 minutes (yes, THAT long of an interval), I asked PJ if he wanted to grab a drink at Clarke Quay. Clarke Quay is just a minute away from the bus stop we were at.

Ordering the same thing with PJ. Win for let me try yours if you try mine too.

A-ha! We should try HEYTEA which serves alcoholic milk tea (how appropriate for the tourist-driven watering hole). Or maybe we could just enjoy brown sugar milk tea.

We walk over to Block A and enter HEYTEA. It’s an Insta-worthy bubble tea establishment that’s brightly lit and has funky tables in the middle. It’s a contrast to the numerous pubs and bars all around which are dimly-lit.

HEYTEA serving you Apple store vibes in the middle of drunken Clarke Quay.

PJ and I couldn’t really decide between the other exotic flavors available. We ended up getting the EXACT SAME Brown Sugar Bobo Bubble Tea. Bobo, by the way, means dumb in Tagalog. But who cares. We’re here for the SUGAR RUSH. No kidding my songkran diet is completed f already.

Filled with… youth.
The alcoholic bubble tea beverages are sold at a separate counter.
Above 18 only.
Remind me to try the TIPSY ICE CREAM next time.
Not quite sure what these are for.
Clever design if you think about it.
So deep.
Brown sugar Bobo!
Went for “LESS SUGAR” but each gulp of these sugary pearls = SUGAR RUSH.
At first I thought you could order milk tea towers here. It’s just decor.
“Make a dent in the universe” and by that, we mean taking photographs of black holes.
They have a CLAW machine. You can earn tokens when you order MILK TEA.
You can win stickers and tote bags.
Clarke Quay.

You can find HEYTEA at Block A in Clarke Quay. Here’s a map for you.


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