If you’re looking for an affordable and good Thai massage in Bangkok, try the one at Health Land Spa and Massage. For 600 baht (USD 20.00/SGD 25.00), you can enjoy a good 120-minute traditional Thai massage.

A friend recommended we try out the treatments at Health Land Spa and Massage.

We tried the branch at Asoke which was a few minutes walk from our hotel in Sukhumvit. If you’re looking for a hotel to stay at in Sukhumvit, I recommend the U Sukhumvit Hotel which I write about here.

Health Land Spa and Massage in Asoke covers eight floors. YES, EIGHT FLOORS! That’s several floors of treatment rooms. They offer a wide selection of massages but PJ and I signed up for the Thai massage.

A facility that has eight floors dedicated to massages definitely targets mass tourism and a large clientele. The lobby area is large with several seats for those waiting their turn. While waiting you can enjoy some welcome drinks.

Yes, it was colored pink.

Once called, you’re led down steps into a basement area where you have your footwear replaced by slippers. A therapist comes by to pick you up and will lead you to the elevator to take you up to your massage room. PJ and I were led to the eighth floor and a room with two beds. Inside are clothes you change into.

Two pieces. Loose slacks and an oversized shirt.

The massage room is simple. It has dim lighting and some hangers for your clothes. There was a TV set with a remote but we kept that off. Some relaxing music would be playing.

Wait, who said anything about roleplaying?

Once you’ve changed clothes, the therapists enter the room and the massage begins.


After 120 minutes I started to feel like a mashed potato.

Massage review. A Thai massage involves pressure points and stretching. We didn’t opt for the compress version so this was a dry massage. For 600 baht, I thought this was a steal. That barely buys you a decent massage in Singapore.

PJ, however, thought the massage was too strong for his liking. I went in expecting to be wrestled and hurt. LOL. For me, I walked out feeling refreshed. Like the muscles that haven’t been massaged thouroughly in months (or years!) were awakened.

This delicious hot tea is served downstairs as you change back into your footwear.

Tipping.Β I always tip for a massage when in Thailand or in the Philippines. I thought 100 baht was fine (600 baht was the massage price). But I think that will depend on you.

Should I make reservations? Yes, always do. Getting a massage should be a relaxing process from start to finish. Making reservations means you arrive at the venue in time to begin your massage. During Songkran however, reservations may not be possible. Give them a call first or walk-in at least an hour before your intended time.

Map. 55/5 Asok Montri Rd, Khwaeng Khlong Toei Nuea, Khet Watthana, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10110, Thailand. It says they’re open until midnight but please check with them. I recommend you book ahead of schedule. Map here: https://goo.gl/maps/umCqom6huX3D3QmH6

Learn more from their website here.

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