Pasar Pink!

New video!

PJ and I dropped by the Pasar Pink! event at Open Farm Community to take a peek at the cute items being sold by Singaporean artists.

It was great to see a warm and inviting atmosphere with good music. We won’t be able to attend Pink Dot activities this year so we decided to find our own little way to support the event.

Gray skies.

Waiting for my coffee at Blue Bottle Coffee, San Francisco

I’d like to get my health checked.

Lately I’ve been feeling more exhausted than usual. Climbing up a flight of stairs feels heavy. I don’t know if it’s because my fitness levels have been stagnant the last few weeks. Or that I eat too much (or not).

I feel like I’m constantly in a need of catching up.

I miss old comforts. I was in Tanjong Pagar earlier and it made me smile. It felt familiar, obviously. I worked there for almost five years.

I don’t know. Maybe I need to chill more. Or maybe I do it too much.