An anniversary to remember.

An anniversary to remember.

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I met PJ! ❤

In the past year, no one’s made me smile and laugh as loud. He replies to messages before I send them. He’s embraced the things that I love and has made them his own. He isn’t forceful. Always smiling at me. He has this way of tilting his head down and his eyes sparkle at you. I can’t really describe it sorry! He’s made me happy and I’m grateful to have met him a year ago. Surely we’re in our honeymoon phase perhaps. And we are far from perfect. But for a first-year… we’re smooth. He has a way to make the sun rise on my cloudy days.

We’ve been to a few destinations already in one year: Melaka on our 2nd weekend together last year (ambitious), Ho Chi Minh City for Christmas (riding motorcycles), Ipoh for his friend’s wedding (sampling sweets at Concubine Lane), Bangkok for Songkran (it was a BLAST), and Manila (to meet my family).

Our relationship started when I had just left my previous job. Those early days of our relationship involved me spending days in his Tampines flat and waiting for an email reply from an interviewer. He’d cook pasta and we’d watch drag race on a single bed.

I love picking him up at his office which is also in Tampines. And we’d go out for Thai food or maybe get takeout and eat it at the park. We’ve grown fond of teppanyaki. I watch him order his 2nd Coke and an extra cup of rice.

The many times he’s in the lobby of Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 2. Waiting patiently on the seats. Each time we meet we exchange a kiss and start walking in the direction of food.

That one time he wore a Star Trek uniform with me. Even if he hadn’t seen a single episode of Star Trek. And how he’d listen to me talk on and on about the Klingon War.

We live in the intensity of the moment. But it’s nice to look back at what experiences I’ve had this past year. Marami na pala tayo nagawa. 🙂

Happy first year, love. ❤


To celebrate our first anniversary, I flew back immediately from my work trip in Dublin so I can land in Singapore on the 20th of July. PJ picked me up at the airport. I told him to prepare a bag for a “staycation”. He already guessed which hotel it was going to be at (even if I was trying to mix it up so it’s not expected).

After taking a few photos at the HSBC Rain Vortex (that huge waterfall within Jewel)… I told him “alright, let’s check-in at Crowne Plaza.”

Crowne Plaza Changi Airport is the world’s best airport hotel. It’s also a hotel that’s in the world’s best airport. I had always dreamt of staying here to celebrate either a birthday or a special occasion. I had my birthday in Melaka the previous week. So celebrating our anniversary here was perfect.

I leave you with photos.

Starting off with burgers and spaghetti at Rumours Bar & Grill Jewel.
Tip: Settle down at one of the restaurants on the upper level. It’s too crowded to walk around. Enjoy happy hour and watch the sunlight change.
Rumours Bar & Grill originated in Bali, Indonesia.
PJ surprises me with leche flan that he made. ❤
Our hotel surprises us with a card and a cake.
KFC chicken and PJ’s leche flan.
All about the ambiance. A late night in a hotel room with your boyfriend.
Random snacks. Bengawan Solo almond cookies that were meant as pasalubong in Ireland are back in Singapore. Snacks from the office in Dublin.
The only view of the runway from the 4th level.
Brunch at Azur, Crowne Plaza Changi Airport’s restaurant.
Nice and easy at 9:30 in the morning.
Crowds disappear after 10:00 am.
A healthy selection of Asian and Western.
The buffet was alright. Sufficient choices.
The front of Azur.
The lobby of Crowne Plaza Hotel Changi Airport.
With PJ at Crowne Plaza Hotel Changi Airport.
Loved the water features.
The hotel has a tropical theme with openings in walls to let nature in.
Interesting maze at the pool.
We can’t wait to swim!
Tempting to get in the water.
The fitness area which we got to use for a few minutes.
Landscaped surroundings.
Water features on both sides.
This is an airport swimming pool.
Really excited to get into the water.
A view of Changi Airport’s Control Tower and Jewel.

❤ ❤ ❤

(It’s MY blog so I could be as cheesy as I want!)

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