In the studio. On the stage.

I have a friend who’s a hairstylist. His name is Johan. I had no idea his hairstylist nickname was simply, Han. I also had no idea he was working at the hair salon that I enthusiastically booked last Thursday. I wanted to try a new place to get a haircut.

It’s the first time I get my hair done by someone I actually know.

Running into Johan at the hair salon.

During the hair washing portion, it felt like 10 minutes of gossiping about each other’s lives. I enjoyed it because… well… Han was one of a handful of people who were there for me when I was struggling in early 2018. I remember getting invited to watch him perform in drag. He’d share videos of his performances at a church event. Then, he competed in Drag Wars. Today, he’s part of a drag house in Singapore.

And last Saturday, he landed a gig which was to perform as part of RIOT! drag revue by Becca D’Bus. I feel like I’ve seen him grow and find his art.

Watching Opal perform at Hard Rock Cafe.

He’s been through quite a bit in his life. But he’s turned that into art. He fixes hair and makes people happy. He performs on stage to express himself as Opal… contributing to the growing modern drag scene in Singapore.


Learning Thai Cooking Basics in Bangkok

First of all, bummer that my brother couldn’t join us for this! He was in Bangkok for a work conference. The parents and I flew in on a Thursday evening. We were only in Bangkok for a total of three short days… and I wanted to get the most out of it.

So I booked a Thai cooking class as a surprise activity for the parents. It was a booking I made via Klook. I’ve been to Bangkok numerous times in the past few years, but I hadn’t experienced a Thai cooking class before. Seems like a great activity to do with the parents on our first day in Bangkok.

We took a Grab from our hotel to get to the Sompong Thai Cooking School. First, we gathered with other cooking students (mostly Korean, if I’m not mistaken). Then we were brought to a local market nearby to learn about popular ingredients used in Thai cuisine.

Dad and mom at a Thai marketplace.
Our guide teaching us about popular ingredients in Thai cuisine.
Some of the ingredients.

After collecting the ingredients and learning about them, we made our way back to the cooking school nearby. It was about a ten minute walk (comfortable, slow speed).

A legit food stall in Bangkok.
Walking back to the cooking school.

When we entered the cooking school, we discovered we all had cooking stations and some items to keep.

A cooking booklet, kitchen apron (lended), and wet towel.
First time to do a cooking class with my parents.
Refreshments are provided.
Neatly arranged. We’re ready to cook!
Wok stations.
Plenty of room for students.
Following Sompong Thai Cooking School.

The best part was learning how to cook four dishes! Yes, FOUR.

  • Thai chicken curry
  • Thai fried rice
  • Tom yum soup
  • Thai potato dessert
So happy my parents get to try this!
Some of the ingredients for the curry chicken recipe.
Dad and mom cooking Thai food.
Our instructor showing mom some techniques.
Some of the ingredients for the Thai fried rice.
Dad and mom listening intently.
Some of the ingredients for the tom yum soup. Mmmm!
I really enjoy cooking!
Mom presents her tom yum soup and fried rice.
My fried rice and tom yum! ❤
Really great to learn Thai cooking with the parents.

It was a fantastic experience.

Definitely, I recommend the Sompong Thai Cooking Class as an activity to do while in Bangkok. It’s also an activity you can do with your senior citizen parents.

  • I booked via Klook (this isn’t an advertisement, this is an honest mention!).
  • Learn more about Sompong Thai Cooking Class on their Facebook here.

Sompong Thai Cooking School is located at 31/11 Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand.

A year later.

Bondi Lookout in Sydney, Australia (September 2019).

October 15, 2019 marks my first year at LinkedIn.

Honestly, I don’t know how long I’ll have an opportunity to work at this great company. I’m just grateful it’s taught me SO much. On various levels! On a professional level, I’m learning about content marketing, reporting, measurement, optimisation, and truckloads of acronyms (which sum up even more learnings) across two business lines. On a personal level, I’m learning how to manage stakeholders, develop a stronger voice, and other interpersonal skills that have me at my farthest from my comfort zone.

Quite a number of challenges but I’ve learned from them. And we look at challenges as opportunities at growth. I have that growth mindset and I’m using it to overcome any doubts I have as I try new things.

Thankful in one year I’ve seen Dublin twice, San Francisco, and Sydney. Through those business trips I’ve had stopovers in London, Tokyo, Paris, and Frankfurt. I’ve met loads of amazing people from diverse backgrounds. I get to work with a team that’s young and eager to teach me new things.

Our trip to the Botanic Gardens.

Ah, yes. The Singapore Botanic Gardens. It’s probably the very heart of the garden city. Sadly, I’ve almost forgotten about it. I frequent Marina Bay, Tiong Bahru, the Singapore River, and places like Fort Canning. But the Botanic Gardens? It’s slightly further away.

We had a couple of reasons to visit the Botanic Gardens this past weekend. But the reasons weren’t really urgent or compelling. Maybe we just wanted some fresh air. Maybe we wanted to spend time doing something different and… well, free.

The Botanic Gardens was a little dry this time around. There hasn’t been much rain recently and you can see it in the greenery. They look a little thirsty! Still beautiful… the space dedicated to plant life.

The rest in photos. 🙂


Love, G

7 October 2019.

I’ve an awful amount of writing to do.

There have been changes at work recently. It’s great I get to travel. But I’ve been doing plenty of thinking about the direction I’m headed. I’m learning so much and I work with great people. But I want to go where I feel stronger and more confident.

I’ve a few things to unload onto my blog. I hope I can get to them soon. In the meantime, I have some photos to share.

Starting with a trip to Swee Choon in Jalan Basar with my boyfriend and his flatmates. It’s kinda rare we get to go out together. In fact, I think I was the one who initiated it. I’m happy the gang was pretty much game for dumplings.

Dumpings at Swee Choon. Pretty tasty and quick to serve.

Another photo I’d like to share is from Paul’s condo in Kallang. With my dragon boat team out of the picture these days… my social circle has been reduced greatly. The most meaningful interaction I get are with my college friends.

Damn this view. Even better than Marina Bay Sands.

In September, my brother had a business trip in Bangkok… which was an opportunity for the family to follow him there for a weekend. It was a pretty quick weekend but we managed to stuff it with as many things as possible like a Thai cooking class, a private day trip to Ayutthaya, some night market shopping (barely, barely… it was raining and we were tired). At least we managed to squeeze in our annual trip.

With the family in Ayutthaya.

A day later I flew down to Sydney, Australia for a team offsite. It’s my first time down under… and my first time that far into the Southern Hemisphere.

Our hotel was at the foot of Sydney Harbour Bridge. It’s the most beautiful bridge I’ve seen so far.

Of all my offsites, it was probably the most enjoyable. Well-paced. Lots of learnings. And ample ‘extra’ time to explore Sydney and its neighbouring areas.

With Michele and Eugene at Bondi Lookout.
With Krutika and her husband Sarteck at Surry Hills.

I’ll be blogging more about Australia very soon.

Lastly, for this quick update… my boyfriend. ❤

With PJ at River Valley. After we saw Joker at GV Grand in Great World City.

We’ve been together for over 14 months now. I can’t believe that time has passed by that quickly. He’s teaching me patience. AND WAIT. That’s not a bad thing! Friends and family close to me would know that I can be impatient… bitchy, and moody. But with PJ, I’m learning to calm down, to chill, to think before I speak, to be more loving and kind. He has that effect on me. 🙂


I’d like to open up about my anxiety. I feel it’s peaked a little bit in the past two weeks.



Love, George