Taipei, Taiwan: Raohe Street Night Market

Taipei, Taiwan: Raohe Street Night Market

What’s probably everyone’s favourite thing about Taipei? The NIGHT MARKETS! They’re ideal for those capping off a day of shopping or touring. There are several famous night markets like Shilin. But for my first visit to Taipei, I chose to visit the Raohe Street Night Market (closest metro: Songshan/Blue Line).

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This is part of my Taipei series of posts. I’ve written about Ximen WOW Hostel (where I’m staying), the Ximen Pedestrian District (Day Version and Night Version), the Taiwan Pride March, and a visit to Longshan Temple, Bopiliao Historical Block, and National Taiwan Museum. Check out those posts too. Anyway… let’s head into the street market!

This beautiful archway greets you as you arrive at Raohe Street Night Market.

I headed into the market with my friends Colin and Terrence. The first major thing you’ll see is the famous black pepper bun at the entrance. Expect a queue here. But the queue moves pretty quickly. You can also see how a black pepper bun is made while you are in queue. I recorded some in video.

The black pepper bun is normally piping hot since it’s really freshly made. Honestly, because it’s so hot, I didn’t get much of the flavour apart from the obvious black pepper. Still a must-try to get you started with the long stretch of Raohe.

How the black pepper bun is packaged.
It’s piping hot. I almost burnt my tongue!

As you head into the Raohe Night Market, you’ll notice that it’s basically a very, very, very long street with tents setup in the middle. The foot traffic is easy here. It operates on two sides. It isn’t much of a maze. It was organised pretty well.

Let’s see what else I found.

This was marketed and sold as “crispy ribs”. It looks like chicken popcorn.
A food vendor working on some pancakes with pork strips.
The signs are in Chinese. Refreshments are spaced out properly along the route.
Shallot pork rolls

Good thing we were a trio so we got to sample the snacks we all bought.

Terrence and Colin
This stall was selling something that looks like bakkwa back in Singapore.

While walking we ran into a two Filipinos and a Korean who were doing a last-minute food trip before their trip back home.

Meeting people randomly. Brought together by a love and curiosity for food.

All the street food meant the next best thing is BEER.

Cheers with Colin!
Neon signages at the night market.
A vendor works on a popular jelly snack.
Wearing my PJG bag.
The night market also has an even share of souvenir stores.
Baby pancakes! But I was too full by this point to order any.
Absolutely GRAND. The Songshan Ciyou Temple is at the entrance of the night market.

Hope you liked my photos and videos from the Raohe Street Night Market! The closest metro station is Songshan. The night market starts setting up in the late afternoon (4:00 PM onwards).

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2 thoughts on “Taipei, Taiwan: Raohe Street Night Market

  1. Hi George! I enjoyed reading your posts on Taiwan. We visited Taiwan last October and fell in love with it. We visited Rahoe Market in the morning and missed these vibrant scenes. Thanks for sharing a wonderful trip journey.


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