My Everyday Scenes: Waiting for a Grab

My Everyday Scenes: Waiting for a Grab

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On weekday mornings, I normally take a Grab to my office. My office is a 10-minute ride from where I live. A ride costs me SGD 8.00. If I ride during peak hours, you’ll have to add SGD 1.50 for ERP (aka Electronic Road Pricing scheme).

It’s not practical to take a Grab ride to work every morning. I’m aware of that. I’m most likely going to stop doing so. But I wanted to document that part of my living situation over the past few weeks.

One of our benefits at work is being served breakfast and lunch daily. For free. It saves me about SGD 10.00 to 15.00 daily for prices in the central business district. I’m using what would be my “lunch money” to pay for my taxi ride in the morning.

It’s also a treat to myself. To avoid the 20-minute commute (one bus ride to the MRT station, one MRT train ride to Raffles Place, transfer trains towards Marina Bay MRT, and then this walk alongside a very baked open field). It’s unlike the six or seven hours of another commuter back in the Philippines (great documentary btw, see for yourself). But it’s my guilty pleasure. I don’t spend much on shopping.

If I stopped taking a Grab to the office every morning:

  • SGD 9.50 x 5 days = SGD 47.50 in savings each week
  • SGD 47.50 x 4 working weeks = SGD 190.00 in savings each month


My Everyday Scenes is a new blog series to document parts of (my) daily life in Singapore. I want to remember how everything looked and felt like in 2020.

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