Christmas, 2020

Christmas, 2020

This year’s Christmas celebration was a simple but meaningful gathering here at our home in Pasir Ris.

Our housemates prepared a noche buena spread of some classic Filipino dishes like lumpia, extra tender Bistek Tagalog, slices of Christmas ham, menudo, and juicy Bellychon (with lemongrass filling). PJ has a video demonstration of how housemate D prepared the bellychon.

There was also Biko and homemade chocolate ice cream.

Plus, the table setting was done by housemate W.

PJ and I were in-charge of the evening program. We had a traditional gift exchange (value today: SGD 50.00 minimum) as well as party games like Pinoy Henyo and Kahoot!. Like last year, we also played a little bit of 1-2 Switch.

What we’re grateful for this Christmas

On Christmas eve of 2020, you can only invite a maximum of five visitors. We celebrated noche buena with some of our friends.

Spending Christmas 2020 with my housemates in Pasir Ris

Happy holidays from all of us. ❤

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