Proof of life:

It’s not that I wasn’t doing anything in August. Quite the opposite!

  • Returned to evening “WODs” (workout of the day) with my Philippines-based fit fam.
  • Moderated a webinar for work. (I’ve never moderated a webinar before.)
  • Continued producing weekly “Saturday Uncut” videos on YouTube.
  • Managed work load after some sudden changes at work.
  • Interviewed potential candidates to fill in an opening at work.
  • Studied Katakana and more Japanese conversational phrases.
  • Spoke with a few insurance brokers to shop around for a plan that works for me.
  • Recorded a podcast episode with someone in London.
  • Took the first steps in a real estate investment.
  • Stayed safely at home.

They announced that 80% of the country is fully vaccinated as of today. Great news for the country.

I share more of “what’s happening” in my most recent “Saturday Uncut” (August 28, 2021):

How do I feel right now?

The tides are changing quickly as we head towards the end of the year.

A situation at work which would make me anxious or stressed might not be so bad at all. First, I’m getting the support I need from internal stakeholders. Second, we might be hiring two people to take up the space of one backfill. That means more teammates! Third, I feel this confidence that I can emerge from this.

Randomly, I’ve also started to feel better about my age. “It’s all downhill from here” was what I secretly thought about turning 36. But a few weeks after my birthday in July and now I’m fine. I’m invested in learning. It makes me feel like I can still do most of the things I want.

$$$ is something on my mind more often these days. I’m starting to think about retirement. What age do I want to retire? Where do I want my money to go? What investment should I start? Is my insurance enough? What can I do to earn more? Should I be studying UI/UX to make myself competitive? Will I be able to manage renting a whole apartment with PJ in the near future? How can I build my emergency fund? Am I spending too much at the dentist?

It’d be stupid to end this post talking about a mortgage. So I’ll give you a BTS song I fell in love with today.

Great job again, Singapore… for vaccinating 80% of the country’s residents.

See you in September. ❀

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