Fast Answer: Backpacking in Laos, the country that stole my heart ❀

I can’t believe it’s been a full ten years since our adventures in Laos. I travelled to Laos with my then-partner and our two friends. To this date, that must’ve been “the trip of a lifetime” for me. Why? Because it was one surprise after another. The landlocked Southeast Asian country was a treasure trove. It’s like slipping fifty years into the past where people are kind, generous, and simple. The backbreaking bus ride up to Luang Prabang. The karst landscapes in Vang Vieng. The coffee shops that dot Vientiane. It’s sad to imagine that maybe in 2021, Laos might have already changed. But it’ll always hold a very special memory in my heart from 2011.

To fully answer this question, there are more adventures than I can count. But we can save those for another time.

(This question is part of a 30-day Q&A challenge using the β€œ365 & me” app)

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