Fast answer: Fought the head of sales (while sparring in Krav Maga)

Is my life boring if I haven’t really fought with anyone. This was a tough question to answer. I had to think long and hard. I was thinking about adding a YouTube video to Final Fantasy VII Remake. Then I remembered I did take part in a “fight” … it was with the head of sales at my previous workplace.

My previous company brought in a Krav Maga trainer to conduct a session with interested employees. The gag was that during the 1:1 sparring, I was paired with the tallest perhaps most masculine of the attendees. The exercise was to slap the thigh of the other combatant. I could barely get to him. Whyyy is everyone from Australia so sporty and competitive.

If you want to see how Krav Maga looks like, here’s a video I found on YouTube featuring the same instructor:

My last “fight” was during a Krav Maga session with the head of APAC sales.

Unrelated. On that same day we had a Zuu session. This was how I looked like in October 2019.

How about you? What was your last fight? With whom?

(This question is part of a 30-day Q&A challenge using the β€œ365 & me” app)

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