What did you plan to do today, but didn’t?

What did you plan to do today, but didn’t?

Fast answer: I wanted to edit a podcast episode.

Two episodes are sitting in my edit folder right now. But I’m at peace that these have to wait until I can clear other tasks I need to get done right now. One thing I’ve learned recently is that we have to properly schedule our priorities (instead of “prioritising our schedule”). I think this means placing more value in the tasks that contribute to our end goals. Rather than just trying to get everything done.

The podcast is something I’m excited about but it could wait a few more days. 🙂

I’m also happy with how the first four episodes have turned out. You follow the podcast on Spotify here.

Here’s my last episode “Cats on an Airplane” where I interviewed my friend Eric who lives in California.

(This question is part of a 30-day Q&A challenge using the “365 & me” app)

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