One week until Christmas! In past years, I’d be buying gifts and putting them underneath the Christmas tree. This year is different. I wanted to forego the effort of entering crowded shopping malls during a pandemic. I’ve kept the holiday season as simple as possible (perhaps the simplest in years).

How? I didn’t buy much for anyone or even for myself. Apart from the traditional exchange gift here at home (four items) and the gifts I helped pay for with my brother… this year is quiet. It’s not that I lost the Christmas cheer. I’m grateful and I enjoy watching videos of Christmas shopping at Harrods. But really… I can’t afford any of that today.

I can talk about a wish list though. Here are the top 5 things I want for Christmas:

  • Macbook Pro 16″ – the latest one and with better specs – to replace my current 2013 edition laptop
  • Apple Watch strap – neutral color – an alternative to my rainbow strap
  • Wireless charger for the iPhone 12 – it’s fun, that way
  • $$$ for new clothes – we’ll be back in the office more in 2022
  • A staycation – preferably the Ritz Carlton or somewhere lush – and to switch off, a digital detox

What do you want for Christmas?

3 responses to “5 things I want for Christmas”

  1. Good luck with your wish list! For me, I’ve been eyeing the ipad mini for a while now, so that would be the 1st item on my wish list. Haha!

    Happy holidays! πŸŽ‰


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