25 things on my 2022 bucket list

25 things on my 2022 bucket list

Here’s a list of things I want to do this year:

  1. Revisit Joo Chiat.
  2. Go to Jurong Bird Park.
  3. Ride the Cable Car from Mount Faber.
  4. Go to Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve.
  5. Visit Coney Island.
  6. Revisit Pulau Ubin.
  7. Have a staycation at Sentosa.
  8. See Raffles Lighthouse on the other end of the island.
  9. Visit Sembawang Park.
  10. Have a picnic at Marina Barrage.
  11. Learn how to cook a Malay dish.
  12. Enjoy prata in Little India.
  13. Try at least three new restaurants in Chinatown.
  14. Perfect at least three Filipino recipes.
  15. Avoid processed foods.
  16. Take the JLPT N5 by the end of the year.
  17. Publish 20 podcast episodes.
  18. Volunteer for AfA Singapore.
  19. Write, direct, and act in at least one short film.
  20. De-clutter at least half of my things.
  21. Organise my file system and do archiving.
  22. Make no unnecessary purchases this year.
  23. Reduce food wastage.
  24. Go for a health check-up.
  25. Continue my weekly Saturday Uncut videos.

I talk about the rest in this week’s Saturday Uncut. Consider subscribing to my YouTube channel. 🙂

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