Why I quit drinking alcohol

Why I quit drinking alcohol

Two months ago I made the decision to quit drinking alcohol. While I’m not exactly what would be described as an alcoholic, I felt it was the right thing to do.

Drinking alcohol is expensive. Getting a drink in Singapore is NOT cheap. If you want to drink at a decent bar or restaurant, half a pint can already cost you about SGD 12.00 (non-happy hour). There’s high taxation and they even have a curfew after 10:30 PM at public bars and restaurants.

Consuming alcohol has also made me feel very counterproductive. Since the pandemic began, my tolerance for alcohol has weakened. I can enjoy a drink for one night and then end up feeling lethargic for up to two days.

I’ve also connected alcohol to all of the worst experiences in my life the past few years. I give more details about that in this week’s Saturday Uncut.


So far I like the satisfaction of saying no to alcohol. Imagine I got through the Christmas and New Year festive seasons without a single drop of beer, wine, or gin. Specifically during NYE countdown, everyone in the room was holding a glass of wine. I was holding a glass of vibrant Sanpellegrino Aranciata Rossa (Sparkling Blood Orange) and… though it felt odd in the beginning… it was empowering.

Empowering because I’m no longer “going with the flow” from those college days of Red Horse and Emperador whiskey. Empowering because you can have a perfectly good time without the need to “feel buzzed”. My thoughts are clearer.

How is your relationship with alcohol? Let me know in the comments.

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