(…and hopefully the last of its type, as CNA reported today they’re changing it to a shorter 5-day “Health Risk Notice” or HRN from next week)

Two years into the pandemic and I’ve received my first SMS isolation notice from the government. As a close contact of c-19 case, I’m to monitor for symptoms over the next week. I can leave the house as long as I do an ART (Antigen Rapid Test) self-test each day. I’ve had two ARTs already and both are negative. Let’s hope it stays that way!

I’ve cancelled all social engagements for the next week. By all, that only means postponing a trip to the Jurong Bird Park which we had planned for Saturday.

Anyway, I’ll monitor my health closely over the next seven days. I feel fine right now. It’s more like the paranoia of this first 48-72 hour period. PJ and my flatmates are doing fine and are testing regularly.

How are the protocols in your part of the world?

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