A few months ago I wrote about how I started my first condo investment back in the Philippines. I’ve been getting most of my updates from YouTube videos (like the one below) and Facebook group photos. I also occasionally peek at Skyscraper City. It’s where I get my chismis (gossip) about the latest developments of different infrastructure back home.

The 1-bedroom unit I got is almost like a shoebox. But I pride myself in having a creative eye and will partner with an interior designer who understands my vision and will know how to maximise small spaces. I’m excited by it. It’s like a pet project.

Will I be living in this unit? It would be odd to answer that since I don’t know if I’ll be based in Manila again in the near future. What matters is that I put a plan in place like renting it out.

Based on the video above, it looks like both towers are progressing side-by-side equally. Tower 1 will be completed by October 2024 and Tower 2 by January 2025. I’m also curious to see the road they’ll build which will connect EDSA Northbound to Pines Street, which would serve the condo communities behind Light 2 Residences. Did I mention that the ground level will house a small shopping mall? This plays to the profile of the weekday warrior renter (or myself). Everything needed is downstairs already. And if you want peace, go home to the province on a weekend.

Separately, and rather ambitiously, I’m looking for a small plot of land in Cavite to put up an inspired house. I’ve no leads right now. But it’s something I’m working on. Is this normal for a gay person in their late 30s… wanting to set up base?

For this one, I’m inspired by these terrace houses I’m seeing from Malaysia. They’re on a narrow plot of land which means they build upwards to three storeys. But it’s not done in a copy-and-paste way. Minimal walls almost. It’s more like two towers linked by a bridge over a central courtyard (or air well – shophouses!). I just love looking at these videos. I wouldn’t be able to afford these but I dream.

I think it ‘s the dreaming that keeps me going.

PS: I’ll provide updates on the SMDC condo (and my search for a small piece of land in Cavite) as I go along.

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