I’ve started cycling again! I’m behind on some updates but I’d like to quickly put this news on my blog. PJ and I decided on getting folding bikes for its portability and easy storage. Plus, I liken us to leisure cyclists. We’d like to “look and see” if we can make cycling a regular lifestyle before we get something that would last longer like a Brompton :P. We picked a HITO A16 Rifle from Tai Seng-based Passion Gadgets.

The HITO A16 Rifle (March 2022) – 16″ wheels, 7-speed Shimano gears, 10.9 kg weight

So far we’ve gone on three “shakedown rides”. We’ve taken the bikes out for a short ride around nearby Pasir Ris Beach Park. Our second ride was to Waterway Point in Punggol via Lorong Halus Bridge – picturesque until we encountered some stray dogs on the way back! And then yesterday we took the bikes from Pasir Ris to Bedok Reservoir via Tampines.

That happy face πŸ™‚

The sunsets are always beautiful from Bedok Reservoir.

Hello again Bedok Reservoir!

I’m stopped short of going all-out in buying accessories such as the right kind of bag for a folding bike or a bike computer to measure speed and distance (instead of fiddling with a mobile device which is a big no-no while riding). I’ve received recommendations from friends who regularly cycle already in Singapore.

I hope to write more about my new cycling adventures. I’d also like to recommend subscribing to another Filipino fellow who does remarkable videos of cycling paths in Singapore. His name is Emjae Fotos and I follow him zealously – to help me plan my upcoming routes.

Also, last week’s Saturday Uncut video:

Do you enjoy cycling? Got any tips for me? Please share!

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