I’ve a list of places, food, and happenings to write about. Staycations, restaurants, and some cycling adventures the past few weeks. However, I’ve been bogged down with other matters like the Philippine national elections.

I’m heartbroken it’s come to what it is.

My manager let me take a day off (medical leave) to clear my mind. I took my bike out to Changi Beach to catch the sunset.

I don’t want to think too soon, but I worry this will affect if I’ll decide to settle in the Philippines eventually… or stay out of it… perhaps only coming home for vacations. I might be dramatic. I don’t know. I’m disappointed. Many others are furious. There’s jubilation. People are crying. There’s hope, fear, apathy, and grief. History is eroding, people are buying history books in fear they’ll be taken away… it’s… I can’t.

I’m not religious, but God… please bless the Philippines.

In the news: After Philippines election triumph, son visits dictator father’s grave

2 responses to “Shattered.”

  1. Just like you, I’m also disappointed with the outcome of 5/9.

    But if you think of it, you are lucky. You’re a citizen of a first world country, and are privileged enough to work at the only first-world country in Southeast Asia. You don’t have a problem with migrating to another country if you wish. For now, I can only suggest holding out there in the Lion City. (If possible, avoid Lucky Plaza.)

    (On a side note, it’s ironic that I have a lot of foreign followers on IG — but they only turned a blind eye when I asked about what to expect when I migrate to their countries. I know application procedures for different visas abound, but I would have expected at least a conversation about the culture and lifestyle in their countries. Much as I want to chalk it to white or first-world privilege, I guess I’m only relevant when I post about food…)

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  2. Thanks Monch for your message. Citizenship aside, the Philippines is home for me… and it brings pain to see home headed in a questionable direction. But I’m hopeful still. And will see how the first year of the new administration pans out.

    I’m sorry to hear about the IG situation. I guess… look for better people or resources to help you with the information you need. πŸ™‚

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