I’ve started the process of owning a piece of land!

My friends in the Philippines took photos of the lot

One of my life goals is to own a piece of land before I turn 40. The paperwork will take about a year. If there are no problems, I’ll be 38 when I hold onto a title.

Where is it? It’s in La Union, a hilly coastal province in Northern Philippines. It’s about 20 minutes away from a popular surfing enclave facing the West Philippine Sea. The coast is facing the west which means it has postcard-perfect sunsets. I couldn’t stop from scanning through people’s Instagram stories of the sunset in the area. It’s glorious to think that I can own something that’s 20 minutes away from that kind of view. I wouldn’t be lying if I said this was like a dream coming true.

What happens next? There’s much to get done including paving a right-of-way and installing a proper drainage to the area. I’m thinking of putting up a small wire fencing around the lot. If I can afford better, I’ll put up a proper wall to secure the perimeter. I’m already studying possibilities including which architects from my personal circle to work with. I’m also part of a group so it’s really about saving and helping pay for common area expenses (right-of-way, drainage, etc.).

What’s my motivation? I like the feeling that I’m responsible for something tangible beyond saving up for another iPhone or going on a vacation. I like the feeling that the money I’m earning from my career can now slowly be funnelled into things that are more future-oriented like retirement. To think, I’ve been paying rent for twenty years. I want to put aside money that goes into something that I can build a house on in the future. The idea excites me. And in hard times, it’s good to envision a future.

What’s my plan for the lot? It’s residential. Perhaps a vacation house up north. Or in this era of teleworking, an actual house to live and work from. It’s near the beaches and near the planned extension of a popular expressway that links up to the ones leading to Metro Manila (about 5 hours away). I’m studying the roads that will be developed in the area. The group is treating the area as a retirement commune.

YouTube already knows the kinds of videos I enjoy watching since this pandemic started. I’ve been obsessed with watching videos about tiny homes, country houses, tropical villas, and life living off-the-grid. I don’t think I’ll be living off-the-grid, but I’m happy an idea is being planted today.

We have to start somewhere. ❀️

I’ll write about my experience buying land and I’ll document that journey here.

Thank you heaps to my friends T&M, R, TJ&M for helping with the initial paperwork in La Union this month (May 2022). Thank you to my parents and my brother for their support.

4 responses to “I bought a piece of land”

  1. Thanks Monch! Oooh, I just found out that Bacnotan is in Elyu as well. I’m slightly nervous about buying land for the first time. But also equally excited. Really hope things turn out for the better in the Philippines. πŸ™‚

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