Where do you get your haircut?

I’ve been getting my haircut at Sultans of Shave since we moved to the east. It’s one of the things I allow myself to splurge on. Other men can get a haircut for only SGD 12.00 to 15.00 at a ten-minute haircut shop. But here it’s SGD 45.00 to 55.00. It’s guilty pleasure. I like the scent of sea salt being sprayed into my hair. I also love that rich lather while getting my hair washed.

I need to make changes to my spending habits after this piece of news. I’ll eventually have to say goodbye to the hour-long haircut ritual (yes, the barbers take their sweet time… I sometimes find myself falling asleep!). Hello again vacuum suction thingy at the MRT haircut shop. Hello… again.

Also been fiddling with the ‘image compare’ feature on WordPress. Here’s a before and after of today’s haircut. I love keeping my hair short these days.

I feel fresh!

Sultans of Shave has branches across the city. But the one at Jewel Changi Airport is on the fourth level (#04-240) near Mellower Coffee and LeNu.

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