It’s June!

It’s June!

I want to write more this month.

I’m flying off to Hanoi first thing tomorrow. It’s my first overseas trip in over two years. I’m giddy! A friend from the United States is visiting Southeast Asia and I thought of making a quick backpacking trip out of it. I’m excited to try the egg coffee, visit the museums, and take in a vibrant scene. It’s also to get myself comfortable again with putting myself out there. The pandemic has not ended. But life must continue.

By the way, this song and accompanying music video is brilliant:

What else is happening?

Our company shifted to a new office space yesterday. We’re now taking space inside an actual WeWork. When they announced we were moving into a WeWork, I couldn’t help but smile. No, don’t get me wrong, Anne Hathaway has nothing to do with it. It’s because a few years ago I was attending these networking events at WeWork. They had talks, workshops, you name it. WeWork is a subtle step back into this glossy tech-ish world. I remember my days at LinkedIn – free beers, snack attacks, colourful walls, hi’s and hello’s – and here it is, again.

It’s also an upgrade from our current office space. Here’s a ✨ before and after ✨ for you. I welcome it. I think it’s time to add colour again after two years of white and grey.

I’ve moved forward with the lot purchase in La Union (which I mentioned in a recent post). We’re now working on paying for the survey and getting the right-of-way completed. I don’t think we’re going to have it paved. It’s too soon. But I’m excited, really. I own a piece of land!

Lastly, Hanoi isn’t the only destination I’m going to. I’ll be in the Philippines at the end of the month. After two and a half years away from my family, I’m coming home. ❤️

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