A sunset in Elyu + Photos from the past week in San Juan, La Union

A sunset in Elyu + Photos from the past week in San Juan, La Union

After seven days in San Juan, I finally saw what a sunset looks like from these shores. We’ve had clouds and scattered showers in La Union all week. Sometimes we’d get good sunshine but by late afternoon, clouds would roll in and block the view. It was also very cloudy today. But across the sea you can spot a small break in the clouds. We waited for the sun to take a peek.

Around 6:30 PM on an early July evening, the sun did take a peek. I captured the sunset in the photo below:

It really is spectacular. This was coupled by beautiful, big waves that hit the shores. I was with my friends T&M this time. We were at a quieter side of the lengthy beach in San Juan. Some people were playing beach volleyball in the distance. There were pockets of people scattered across the full stretch of the beach. But really, you could only see as far. The beach didn’t look like it had an end on either side. There’s also this fog or mist the further out you looked. It reminded me of what someone might see from the beaches in California. T disagreed. She described it as Silent Hill. 😛

I was thinking how beautiful is this sunset. Maybe this was something I’d like to have on the day I get married. It needs to be something like this. A gentle sea breeze, a glorious sunset, the intimate company of friends, and the heartfelt person I’ll share my life with. I’m 37 in a few days. I’m not sure how close or how far I am to having that kind of moment. I’m not in a rush though. But this sunset gave a glimpse.


Photos from the past week in Elyu

Before my friends T&M joined today, I’ve already spent a full week in Elyu by myself. I’ve worked remotely here in Elyu this past week.

I lived on a hillside Airbnb called Alon & Sandy, just steps (or stairs) away from Great Northwest. The past days were working from either a co-working space called “The Attic” or working from the comfort of my Airbnb. I spent 90% of all the meals the past week at Great Northwest. There’s a particular barbecue place that I like (next to Sabong Fried Chicken). I’ll write more about these in a full-on review of everything I got to try on this trip.

I thought I’d be able to get some time to read a book, catch up on blogging, or editing some videos… but it didn’t happen! Kulang pa ang oras! I did manage to watch two of the eleven Marilyn Monroe classics I purchased and downloaded on my laptop prior to coming to Elyu namely “All About Eve” and “Don’t Bother to Knock”.

Of course there’s work! I am working. I did welcome our new teammate last Friday. I’ve also booked some in-person journalist meetings in two weeks. I like working from the co-working space and from my Airbnb.


I thought I’d be able to write more but this will do for now. ❤

Going back to the sunset, isn’t it beautiful?

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