I can’t believe 18 days has passed! This is the longest pandemic “travel” I’ve ever had. I’ve stayed at three different accommodations. I’ve eaten or gotten takeout from dozens of restaurants. I’ve visited the beaches multiple times. I took a crash course on surfing five minutes after logging out of Slack. I did remote work and actually think my productivity went up (it helps to work side-by-side with a friend who is also working remotely).

I guess I accomplished what I set out to do which is to experience La Union for myself. After recently purchasing a small lot in a neighbouring town, I thought I wanted to create some memories that I can pin to this location. In the past three weeks I’ve met locals at coffee shops, restaurants, and co-working spaces. I’ve gotten a sense of how laid back San Juan really is. I see it’s potential for development (unfortunately, commercialism) — it feels like it could be a Boracay in the making with the amount of large spaces that look ripe for big hotels and resorts. I don’t wish these on San Juan. I wish for it to be as it is right now… a quaint surf town where you can hear karaoke, the buzz of tricycles, and maybe occasionally the passing buses going to Manila or Laoag in either direction.

I love how it is right now and I’m glad I got to experience it at this stage of the pandemic.

I’ve loads of photos and videos taken on this trip and hope to share them here very soon. ❀

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