After riding out the pandemic the last two years in Pasir Ris, we’ve moved out! It was an expensive and draining move (when compared with all my previous ones). Our condo block is the furthest from the pick-up area where the lorry is allowed to park. This meant that we had to hire movers to safely ferry our furniture and boxes across the estate’s gardens and swimming pools.

Every minute counted since our movers were booked for two hours. Anything in excess would be charged in 30-minute chunks. I’ve been using the same movers since 2016. I’ve received no discounts with the same movers since. That’s disappointing! I asked.

Anyway, I wanted to focus on the destination this time. I mentioned my anxiety in a previous post. However, I think that anxiety has faded. I’m now focused on what’s here and what is up ahead.

Here’s the view outside our downtown apartment!

Wasting no time, PJ and I started to unpack some of our things. We moved into the apartment a full week ahead of our future housemates who will take the other bedroom. This meant we could place our boxes outside (and be able to stow all the items… one too many... before they see them πŸ’€). Sssssh!

Tanjong Pagar is home to numerous Japanese restaurants. For our first meal as downtown residents, we headed across the street to Japan Rail Cafe. We were already too hungry having spent days packing, moving, and unpacking. You can see how hungry PJ was in the photo below.

I think I’ll never get tired of Japanese food.


Since our COO is in town this week, the first activity I did in Tanjong Pagar was to get a haircut so I could make myself a little more presentable. There’s a QB House Premium at Tanjong Pagar Centre.

A haircut is SGD 18.00 (instead of SGD 12.00 from a normal QB House). Great service and I highly recommend their barber, Ron. Who has the gentlest hands.


I couldn’t help myself on Sunday when I wanted to take the bike for a spin. I found a route to Marina Bay via OUE Downtown. I also got to pass by the Singapore Exchange! This is so CBD, I thought.

The plan was to take my bike only up to Marina Barrage and back to Tanjong Pagar. But I was enjoying the sunset and decided to bike all the way to Stadium. Definitely will repeat this route soon!


On Monday, PJ and I set off to look for cheaper places to get dinner instead of our usual Grab food deliveries in Pasir Ris. Our first dinner? Getting Don Don Donki takeout. Bentos were at 20% off around 8:50pm.

And we felt like enjoying it by the window with a view of the city below.

So far I’m enjoying the first four days in Tanjong Pagar. I hope to write about what we’re doing with the apartment, what restaurants we’re trying in the area, and other activities from downtown.

Share your recommendations for food and activities too!

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