Kicking off a new gym membership

Kicking off a new gym membership

I took a peek at the Anytime Fitness in my building and was sold on the location, straightforward amenities, and obvious opening hours. I’ve never been a member of AF before. I’ve had Gold’s Gym when I was in the Philippines and I’ve had Fitness First on and off through the years.

What I’m looking for is a neighbourhood gym that isn’t so fancy and with flexible workout hours. I want to avoid the crowds and I’m living just 2 minutes away from it… so it meets my needs at the moment. Plus, prices are increasing start of next month so it’s best to lock in the price. I think I got a decent deal. There’s also access to all the clubs in the world after 30 days.

How do I feel about it? I’m learning now that consistency matters more than intensity. If I could be consistent at it instead of worrying about how intense a workout should be… maybe I’ll finally get the results I’m looking for.

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