Cars, and maybe, ships

Cars, and maybe, ships

I’m so tired of it.

I’ve been looking at Formula 1 videos all week. I’m not a true blue F1 fan who knows everything. But I’m inclined to learn about it. Race tracks are exciting. Not just the Marina Bay Circuit but the thought of exotic race locations in many places around the world. The cars and the livery are fascinating. I don’t know which racing club or team I should be following, but I like the idea of learning more.

I’m tired of sitting on the sidelines and hearing the roar of the cars from (literally) a distance. I want to be where the action is and I’m not talking about the Zone 4 walkabout. I want to be at the grandstands with a non-alcoholic beverage in my mind, and maybe some nice food. I want to enjoy nice food that I don’t have to think twice about like the cost. I want to order from the ala carte menu, not the set.

I’m tired of being told to be safe when I know there’s more to grasp when I’m encouraged to go further. I’m tired of being reminded of my roots, when I’m ready to touch the sky.

For the past three years I’ve played it safe. I’m very tired of it. Not cars, but with ships… this quote. “A ship is safe in harbour, but that’s not what ships are for.”

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