Day 1

Day 1

I stayed in my room the whole day. For fun, I wanted to track how many episodes of different TV shows I managed to watch in total today. And the count? 16! 16 episodes from Abbott Elementary, The Walking Dead, Andor, and She-Hulk. All on Disney+ by the way. With exception to the Drag Race Philippines’ penultimate episode. Sixteen episodes of television all packed into my day. It’s 11:20pm, maybe I could squeeze in one more episode! I ended with She-Hulk. SPOILER: Why does the Filipino guy with the infectious smile have to be a freakin’ villain.

Today was Day 1 of being positive for Covid-19. PJ worked from home, from our living room. We are wearing masks by default at home… since we also share the apartment with two other people. Again, I’ve stayed in my room all day… only leaving to use the bathroom which is outside our bedroom door.

What’s the situation like? It’s pretty calm. It’s nothing like the Covid positive situation back at our old flat in Pasir Ris last February… where we gave the whole house common area a scrub, sprayed and disinfected everything, switched on electric fans to blow air out, and have air purifiers on full blast. Nope, nothing like that. It’s probably because here at our new house we “live in a skyscraper” and when the doors and windows are open, there’s a wind funnel. So fierce, some of the doors have a metal supporting strip in case they slam shut.

All I did was give my work station a spray and I think the house can manage. Yes, PJ and I are wearing masks. But he said to me earlier that… if it happens, it happens. He’s at peace with it. Darn, he is a gentle soul. Why he gotta be perfect like that.

How do I feel? Strange actually. I keep saying the word “mild”. I don’t have an active cough. I’ve only had to go to the bathroom two or three times the whole day to cough loudly and let out some phlegm. The dry cough sounds horrible… but it’s only there for a few seconds and the phlegm well… just a little bit. I’ve heard stories that it gets worse as the days progress. I am preparing for the storm.

I don’t have a fever but I’ve been on paracetamol all day. I feel my food stocks are sufficient. I have a medicine corner tucked into one of the Kallax shelves. I have bottles of room-temp Ice Mountain mineral water next to my TV. PJ bought my favourite fruits cup from downstairs ($3.00 for a cup containing an assortment of sliced fruits). Our housemate made egg drop soup and shared a bowl — leaving it on the chair I put outside my door. I’ve chips, bread, and chocolates on the ready.


On my mind? As employees entitled to using medical leaves when necessary, I’ve decided to fully utilise all five days of the MC (“Medical Certificate” in Singapore) that the doctor gave me during this morning’s teleconsult. Yeah, the old millennial in me would normally be like… gosh, I feel bad if I don’t report to work on Day 3 or Day 4 if I (might already) feel well. Uh, no. I think as employees of any companies… employees should use their sick leaves if they are sick or need to recover from something. LOL I’m not abusing it (I count only 1 MC the past six months). So… why should I feel bad? I should just be focused on my recovery so I could bounce back faster and better. No issues with my current employer. I think it’s an internal belief thing. Use the MCs… it’s an employee benefit.

Bonus: The actor shirtless, here.

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