Day 2

Day 2

Less TV shows today, and more videos about Formula 1 racing.

Since the Singapore Grand Prix, I’ve been consuming videos about Formula 1. I’m learning about the racers, the teams, the history, and some of the jargon. I also watched the Schumacher documentary on Netflix which features the life of Michael Schumacher, seven-time world champion, who was involved in a skiing accident in 2013. His son Mick Schumacher raced in Singapore last week.

I tried to watch Banana Fish but failed to get through it since I wasn’t in the mood to read subtitles today. The other show I started on is The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, through Prime Video. I was drinking water, eating fruits, and taking medicine. Weather seems gloomy outside… whenever I could get a glimpse.

How did I feel? I woke up in self-isolation on Day 2 much “heavier” than the previous day. I really felt a sore throat coming in. I also felt generally exhausted. Sleep quality wasn’t good. However, as the day progressed and as I did my best to stay hydrated… I noticed I felt somewhat better than even the first day. I can say that it’s “mild” so far. I barely had any cough today. I’m on paracetamol to manage any fever, and I’m on this other medicine to reduce phlegm. It must be working.

On my mind? If I should be wearing masks again even with the city’s mask mandates removed. I don’t know how I got Covid. I’ve been very careful. I avoid crowded places. I dine outdoors whenever possible. I barely meet up face to face with people. And I still got it. I’m thinking it’s all connected to said Formula 1 weekend in Singapore when everyone was out and about.

I feel like I want to double down on the masks part. And the thought of attending these mass events like concerts and parties? I’m less interested in those. I’d prefer to do other things.

The other thing on my mind? With all these Formula 1 videos, I still don’t know which racer or team to ‘swear allegiance to’ (as if I even have to… but I’m liking this feeling of subscribing to a particular racer/team so I could follow their progress throughout the race calendar). However, I’m afraid if I pick one, I’ll find out reasons why I shouldn’t support them. Is it like that? Any pointers? Help me.

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