Day 5

Day 5

A couple of days later I’m learning who among my friends are fans of Formula 1 racing. I’ve also dug a little deeper to see which driver was with which team previously. Thanks to binge-watching all ten episodes of the first season of Drive to Survive. It’s a rabbit hole. There’s so much drama at the pit lane… on the race track, at the paddock!

I’m enjoying learning more about the drivers, the constructors, the teams… all of what goes behind Formula 1 racing. I’m now embarrassed to think that all I was intently focused on before was who the main stage performer was. The last time I went to the Singapore Grand Prix was when Kylie Minogue was performing at Padang. While it was great to see her perform, I didn’t quite understand what was going on at the race tracks. I now know more about these practice sessions, qualifying rounds, and actual race day. I’m intrigued by the professionalism… how they keep their game faces on… how the drivers are media trained. Where the rivalry is, was, could be. Plus, I’m also not zoomed in on Singapore. I’m learning about the grand prix in Monaco, Bahrain, Belgium, and other parts of the world. What is happening.

How do I feel? Today was Day 5 and it felt more like a cold. There’s barely a cough. I feel like I’m on the better or improved side of fighting Covid. I feel… thankful to the people who created a vaccine.

What’s on my mind? If I could have my company reimburse me for some of my medical expenses.

Ending Day 5 with Leclerc.

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