Day 6

Day 6

Let’s switch it up a bit. Here are the the top four queens on Drag Race Philippines:

Here’s what I think of each of the remaining queens:

Eva Le Queen. I have a bias for Eva because I’ve been following her way before she joined Drag Race Philippines. She used to be based in Singapore and I remember she posted a photo of her graduation from a local school where she wore heels! With exception to the “And this is trash” episode (that was very harsh), Eva has consistently given us incredible looks.

Precious Paula Nicole. Her Regine Velasquez impersonation in Snatch Game and the story behind her relationship with her brother in the twinning look episode are memorable. She reminds me of someone who I feel I could easily become friends with. A dependable, fun, and quintessential Filipino drag queen.

Marina Summers. I thought she would be the type of queen who would be limited to epic high-octane performances. But doing PGMA for Snatch Game (and coming out on top) plus numerous other moments have proven she’s polished all-around. Her branding is consistent. She oozes the kind of confidence many younger drag queens could aspire to.

Xilhouete. She’s a surprise! I thought she would fade away and be “one note” but she delivered exactly the opposite. She consistently tells a story. From paying homage to Filipino drag queens of yesteryear to her version of Pilita Corrales. She does bring drama… but that’s fuel behind these types of shows. She’s the mother of the bunch and she can take home the crown.

Who should win?

My pick would be Marina Summers.

Who will win?

I think Xilhouete has this.

My final comment about Drag Race Philippines: I’m happy to cut the producers some slack (after all the vitriol you can find online). I think it was overall a great first go to watch. It is not perfect with it’s numerous music issues and some sloppy camerawork. But as a person whose done production work in the past, this is actually not so bad. What lifted it was the great season 1 cast. There can certainly be improvements. But I think given the buzz generated from the first season, it’s worth a 2nd and 3rd edition. There’s still so much Filipino drag excellence that can be showcased.


How do I feel? It’s Day 6 and I still tested positive even if I feel much better and don’t have any symptoms. I returned to work (working from home) and managed to get through some emails. I’ve completed one of my medicines already so today was a respite.

What’s on my mind? At noon tomorrow, I’ll be able to exit self-isolation and return to normal activities in Singapore regardless if I still test positive or not. I’m planning to take a walk at a nearby park and start it easy. I’m worried I don’t know the extent of recovery… will I be breathless after a short walk? I don’t know. Hopefully not! I’ll share photos and maybe a video of my walk tomorrow. Stay safe.

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