Behind-the-scenes: Day trip to the Southern Islands

Behind-the-scenes: Day trip to the Southern Islands

It’s been almost six years since I last created a “silent vlog” (a video where there’s no talking, only capturing the natural sights and sounds of our surroundings). I want to experiment with this approach since I enjoy consuming these types of videos anyway. Here’s the result… enjoy!

Video synopsis: Let’s visit St. John’s Island and Lazarus Island, part of the Southern Islands in Singapore. Plus, a peek at Marina South Pier MRT station.


Behind-the-scenes (not in the vlog above)

It’s great to be back outside since I got Covid last week. I’m feeling much better. I love the outdoors… and I love having picnics too. When we arrived at St. John Island, we managed to chope a small covered shelter.

Our friends prepared a nice breakfast too.

The island is still a great escape from the city… even if you could see downtown in the background. I still recommend this island for people who want to “disconnect” from the city. Starting this month, you can start renting bikes and scooters not from from the ferry pier.

We had a picnic at two spots. The first was at St. John’s Island (first photo) and the second spot was at the cove on Lazarus Island.

I made the mistake of forgetting to apply sunblock.

Some tips before going to St. John’s / Lazarus Islands:

  • Bring sunblock, and apply generously. I underestimated the sun since it was partly cloudy when we left the mainland.
  • Bring a picnic mat.
  • Everything you bring to the island (food, water, etc), consider taking the trash back with you to the mainland.
  • Bring a poncho / umbrella in case the weather changes. It’s happened before! One moment it’s sunny, and the next there’s a thunderstorm.
  • You can bring a foldable bike on the ferry. I asked the operator and they said that it’s free.
  • There are no food stalls on the island… so bring food and snacks!
  • Yes, you can do light swimming off the shores. It’s nice.

Since the ferry terminal is only two MRT stations away from our house, I wouldn’t mind repeating this trip a few times. I’d love to go back to the island and enjoy a book.

Where is St. John’s Island / Lazarus Island? Take a look on this map!

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