Safe and sound

Safe and sound

A few things this past month.

  • I got Covid for the first time. Symptoms included fever, cough, and a slight cold (stuffy nose). But not as severe as what I’d imagine. I’m sure I’ve had worse before. I’m thankful for the vaccines and a booster. I suppose it’s what made it feel like a storm was passing through instead of something fatal. My friends and former colleagues have lost their loved ones to Covid. It’s not something any of us should take lightly, no matter how mild the symptoms are for us. I think about Dr. Li Wenliang, the doctor who was about my age, who tried to tell the world about the virus… but was allegedly silenced. He died of Covid.
  • I went to the emergency room for rib pain. Earlier this month I went to the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) accidents and emergency (A&E) department to get an x-ray for my chest and ribs after I heard a loud “crack” sound while doing the leg press at the gym two days prior. I started to feel soreness and I also developed a fever… which was very odd. The pain wasn’t severe but I wanted to have it checked just in case it was serious. The results came out and I was cleared any severe injuries. Perhaps it’s my muscles waking up again after maybe months of inactivity. I wasn’t even pushing so hard at the gym. It was the 40kg on the leg press (2x 20kg plates, one on each side)… I’ve done much heavier before. I am listening to my body.
  • PJ injured himself at spin class. He’s currently bed-ridden after he (may have) busted himself doing a beginners’ spin class. I’ve always felt iffy about spin class… I’ve heard stories about people injuring themselves in it if they’re not prepared. I haven’t experienced it myself. Poor thing. He’s struggling to walk and it’s been like that for 2-3 days already. He already had a teleconsult and the doctor suggested he hydrate and rest… to let his muscles recover. We were thinking of going to the SGH A&E (uhm hello, going there twice in one month?) but the teledoctor said they’ll likely suggest the same thing which is hydration and rest. Plus, based on my experience at the A&E a few weeks ago… the waiting time will be about four to five hours. We’ve decided to observe for now.
  • Work stress. I can’t imagine saying that my current work could be as stressful as having 10 meetings squeezed over two days like in previous roles. But this past month I was put off by a work-related database assessment I felt was unfair. It hit different this time. I love to encourage my newer teammates to strive and give their best, and when they make mistakes… I’m always there to tell them to learn and move on. But it’s hard to take my own advice, when it happens to me. I’m fortunate to have a fantastic line manager and it took only one chat with him for me to slowly get back into it. Where I’m at right now is do I speak up with the heart to improve how database assessments are? Or do I keep silent, and not rock the boat? I’m leaning towards the former, that’s how much I love the company I’m in. But there are days in this Covid-world where keeping silent is such a sweet temptation.
  • All settled in Tanjong Pagar. We are two months into our new apartment in Tanjong Pagar. I unpacked and assembled the two floor lamps to complete the cozy look I want for our dated apartment. The living room looks gorgeous in the warm light. I’m so happy with it that I want to invite guests over now for board games and movie nights. We haven’t used the projector yet so maybe we can take it out this week for a Halloween movie night. Two months here, I’ve already run into familiar faces at the coffee stall downstairs. The two aunties remember me… even if I last visited them in 2016. The Filipino lady who used to run the “Dampa” food stall at nearby Tanjong Pagar Market is also downstairs running a new nasi padang stall. I’m in awe of the aunties at Miki who prepare sandwiches to perfection. But every time I pass by their stall… which looks like it’s been there for decades… I can’t help but think about the building’s en bloc situation. What will happen to them eventually?
  • Good friend from Melbourne was in town. The last time I saw him, he was passing to me a box of masks in March 2020 right before circuit breaker. He’s since moved to Australia to finish up his studies and take up permanent residency. He is special to me because I met him at a time in my life that I felt like it was over. I specifically planned to take him to the new SkyHelix at Sentosa because we did the Marina Bay carnival together back in December 2017… we took that flying carnival ride where the swing chairs are lifted up into the air. Those moments helped me get by. He’s on his way to the Philippines for a two-week holiday.
  • A new house. We did the groundbreaking for our new house in Cavite, which is actually tearing down the bodega (and gym, which my brother assembled)… and putting up a new house. It’s actually called a “tiny house” but after looking at the renders and the thought behind it… it’s not a small house. It’s actually a house in itself. The idea behind it was to have a separate structure on our lot in case one needed to isolate during this pandemic. But it’s now become a family project with my brother leading the way together with his architect-friend. We’re excited about it… except that there was a tropical storm literally the 2nd day of construction / removal of the existing bodega structure.
  • Family is visiting Singapore. Good thing that the recorded cases are dropping in Singapore after the XBB variant was peaking a few weeks ago. My family will be visiting and it’ll be their first overseas travel during this pandemic. My brother and I have already prepared an itinerary which involves mostly food and outdoor things to do. I think it’s important to also plan contingencies. I’m putting together a snack kit for their hotel stay and it includes a care kit as well.
  • Fitness on hold. After my gym injury and Covid experience, I haven’t been able to work out or even do yoga. But right after this blog entry, I’ll resume my 30-day yoga practice (I was on Day 26 out of 30, when I got Covid). I’ll also be back at the gym and I’m skipping the leg press for the time being. I think it’s okay to resume and start out slow. Better slow than sorry… when you’re returning to fitness after a break.

Riri’s Wakanda Forever song is beautiful. Wherever you are, take care of yourself.

One thought on “Safe and sound

  1. Lol I have this fear of leg press machines so I don’t think I’ll ever attempt it. Will stick to free weights. Great to hear you didn’t injure yourself too bad, and that your COVID experience was mild. I was totally floored the first time I got it. Anyway, thanks for sharing, neighbour!


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