Riding the SkyHelix Sentosa

Riding the SkyHelix Sentosa

A new ride opened at Sentosa last year called the SkyHelix Sentosa. It’s a gondola ride that takes you 79 meters above sea level to give you a panoramic view of Sentosa. The gondola also rotates slowly so you can sit in any of the 16 seats and catch a view of everything. You can spot downtown Singapore, the nearby shipping container yards, the cargo ships themselves… and on a clear day, you can also see Indonesia on the horizon.

Watch the video of my visit to SkyHelix Sentosa.

The ride opened in December last year. But I only got to visit the SkyHelix Sentosa when my friend stopped by Singapore last week on his way to the Philippines. I took him to the SkyHelix since we also enjoyed the flying fiesta (chair swing ride) at the Marina Bay Carnival a few years ago.

The SkyHelix Sentosa is located at Imbiah Lookout. There’s construction the vicinity for the Sentosa Sensoryscape so for people walking to this attraction (as well as nearby Madam Tussauds, etc), they’ll have to follow marked paths.

I bought the tickets online on the same day and I noticed it’s cheaper at SGD 16.20 per adult online, compared to buying it over the ticket counter at SGD 18.00. Each ticket includes either a soft drink or a souvenir. My friend and I both got a soft drink so we could take it up with us.

The ride itself lasts at least ten minutes long. A guide from the attraction will also point out what’s interesting nearby. They will also help take your photo. The guide stays in the middle of the gondola. Almost like Ron Swanson in Parks and Recreation but of course with more gusto.

Because the SkyHelix Sentosa sits on top of Imbiah Lookout, which itself is a hilltop… it feels like you’re twice or three times as high once the gondola is at its highest. The rotation is slow and comfortable… so it isn’t a thrill ride (but wait, unless you have a slight fear of heights… then it’ll be quite thrilling!). The guide also explained that SkyHelix Sentosa is best to experience day and/or night… so you get to see all the lights.

Definitely recommend this as a quick and harmless attraction to enjoy probably one of the best views of Sentosa.

SkyHelix Sentosa – https://skyhelixsentosa.com/

Nearest MRT: Harbourfront (Take the tram from VivoCity to Imbiah Lookout)

It was also great to catch up with my friend M who (as I shared in an Instagram post) really helped me through a very delicate time in my life a few years ago. He was always very nice… I enjoy having conversations with him haha. Thanks for making the time to meet.

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