Revisiting Haar Attic at Keong Saik

Revisiting Haar Attic at Keong Saik

Two months ago I got my ✨ first perm ✨ at Haar Attic in Keong Saik. How was it? It was a great experience! (Just that I needed to adjust as I was used to QB House all this time omg 💀). I’m not used to spending so much on hair treatments!!! But I thought it’d be worth it. My family was visiting from the Philippines the following week and I wanted a #newlook for our group photos.

I also needed to get my hair coloured. I loved the result! ❤️

I’ve rethought what getting a haircut means to me. I’ve upgraded it to one of my “three pillars of self-care”. What are the pillars?

  1. Haircuts. A good haircut = a good mood.
  2. Massages. Loosen up those knots!
  3. Fitness. Get out and be active.

I used to think SGD 12.00 haircuts were enough. But I’d leave unsatisfied. It affects my mood if I’m having a bad hair day. At least now, with the right salon and the right stylist to counsel you how to maintain a great haircut… it’ll help me mentally. 🤠

Anyway back to today’s haircut. We were half-day at work today (30th December) so I made an appointment with Haar Attic via their online portal. It was an easy booking to make (3 days ahead). I opted for the senior stylist or director, his name is Kelvin. I wanted to get a great consult in. I also checked out Google reviews and he was highly recommended.

When I got to the salon I was a bit of a humid mess (anyone walking in Singapore’s humidity at 12:49pm will understand) so I got a 5 minute breather to settle in. I also realised later on that it’d be better to take the train to Outram Park and walk a shorter 5 minutes than to walk the full 15-minutes from my apartment in Tanjong Pagar. 🚆

Kelvin was fantastic. Nothing felt rushed. He was snipping away and answering my questions about my hair. He explained how I could maintain a perm for a longer time (avoid dry hair, choose a better shampoo). He also re-shaped my haircut and gave tips how to keep the hair fluffy not flat.

Anyway here’s a before and after (side view):

The hair rinse was so nice that I couldn’t help but ask about the shampoo. It’s a Japanese brand called “N.” and the product is called “Shea Shampoo”. Kelvin says that shampoo choice is important if I want to prolong the lifespan of a perm. The budget guy in me agreed?!

Investing a little more on shampoo 🤝 prolonging a perm treatment

The shampoo is SGD 68.00 at the salon, but I got a “returning customer” discount and got the bottle for SGD 60.00. (Ouch?) I found out it’s about SGD 50.00 on Lazada. It’s okay, I guess this is my show of support for Haar Attic after all these years. I’m told a 20-cent coin size of shampoo is all that’s needed to form a nice lather and that the bottle can last up to two months.

Okay, we can do this:

😎 Verdict

No regrets coming here twice in two months. In both instances, the service was great. I’m not sure if I’m choosing the best time to go to the salon… it’s not crowded, but it has a loyal following I feel. Masks aren’t required to be worn inside. It feels comfortable, there’s nice music playing.

💰 Costs

  • My haircut with Mr. Kelvin is called “Men’s Cut with Kelvin (Keong Saik)” and cost SGD 55.00 (booked and paid online). There’s an alternative “Men’s Cut with Anyone (Keong Saik)” at SGD 40.00.
  • My perm and hair colour treatment in November 2022 was about SGD 256.00.


Haar Attic, 18A Keong Saik Rd, Singapore 089125 (🚆Nearest MRT: Outram Park)

🔎 Question for youuu

Are you happy with your current hair salon / hair studio?

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