I wrote yesterday that I was struggling to pick a favourite song for the past year. Both Spotify and Apple Music have the same artist (Beyonce) and same song (ALIEN SUPERSTAR) as my most played. However, I felt that another song (not in any of my top lists) kinda fit the vibe for 2022. And that song is…

✨ Succession Main Title Theme by Nicholas Britell ✨

I moved to an apartment in Tanjong Pagar a few months ago (Tanjong Pagar is part of Singapore’s central business district). I also got promoted at work and went on an overseas business trip. I started paperwork to…

Nicholas Britell is also the musical composer behind Andor. One of my favourite shows in 2022.


πŸ”Ž What’s your favourite song from the past year? And why do you think music matters?


Here are my previous picks for β€œsong of the year”:

  • 2021 – One Last Kiss – Utada Hikaru
  • 2020 – 3-way tie: Play (Chungha), Stay Tonight (Chungha), and On (BTS)
  • 2019 – LALALAY β€“ SUNMI
  • 2018 – All the Stars β€“ Kendrick Lamar ft. SZA
  • 2017 – Flame β€“ Tinashe
  • 2016 – The Life β€“ Fifth Harmony
  • 2015 – Talking Body β€“ Tove Lo

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