Valentine’s was very simple this year. PJ and I met up on the sidewalks of Raffles Place and walked to Pasta e Formaggio, what is now our afterwork pasta place. We ordered some of favourites… bolognese for me, aglio olio for him… plus margherita pizza. Tbh, we didn’t want to spend much. I can’t speak for PJ obv, he literally just got back from a solo trip to Japan last week. But for me, I’m at the tightest I’ve ever been with my budget. Which sounds kind of ridiculous since I live in a downtown apartment and I’m here… having pizza not mixed veg rice.

Sometimes I don’t know how I’m able to stay afloat.

I’ve had to pull some strings to be able to pay for my upcoming bills. I’m trying to make sense of it since I don’t spend luxuriously. But if I were to face the music, I’m spending beyond my means. But I’m being stubborn as I don’t want to downgrade my lifestyle which is already sakto lang (just exact). What I’m thinking is that I need to find the ways, means… to earn exactly what I deserve to be earning by this point. And to settle for any less, would be an insult to what I’m capable of doing.

That wasn’t the topic of our Valentine’s dinner date though. We were pretty chill and eating our pasta.

Oh? And the rose on my table? It’s the one I got for free from WeWork.

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