We just booked our tickets for this year’s Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix!

We decided to grab seats at the Stamford Grandstand on the 2nd day of the 15-17 September event. The racing day tickets are above budget.

From the Formula 1 Singapore GP “advice group” I joined, they say there’s good action from the Stamford Grandstand because of turn no. 7 (compared to similarly-priced Padang Grandstand). Padang is scenic because the backdrop is the National Gallery, but it’s a straight (which means the cars zoom by faster). Notably, there’s no Bay Grandstand this year because Singapore will begin to dismantle the structure ahead of the construction of NS Square.

I also considered Connaught Grandstand (background is the Esplanade) but it’s sold out. The Pit Grandstand, Turn 1 and Turn 2 Grandstands would be awesome but they’re out of my budget. I think of my friends who have kids! This is such a fun bonding experience for families.

What’s the fuss? Formula 1 has been an entertaining new thrill of the past few months after I got Covid. I grew fascinated by Formula 1 (and Netflix’ Drive to Survive) while in isolation. I suppose the race will mark one year after I got Covid.

Any tips for watching Formula 1 in-person? I did the Zone 4 walkabout in 2016. This is my first time to do a grandstand.

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