A to Z – 8 February 2016

I was busy the past few weeks with re-developing the website of my dragon boat team. The good news is that the new FDS website is up and running. The bad news is that there’s so much content to fit into its sections… and that there’s still much to do.

Which leads me to mention that it’s already 8 February 2016! Today’s the first day of Lunar New Year. Hello. Best. Monday. Ever! We have no plans for the LNY holidays other than to clean up the house, cook our own food (EVERYTHING OUT THERE IS CLOSED), and maybe exercise a little.

We had a little LNY dinner last night with a friend visiting our house. We watched “The Queen of Versailles”– about this crazy rich family in the U.S. who became unfortunate victims of the 2008 financial crisis. Ouch. We needed to wash off the drama with a few episodes of Parks and Recreation. Continue reading