If this city was ours

Imagine this place with no one else but the two of us. It would be creepy as fuck. But as we battle the unnerving silence or bouts of isolation, we would still have each other. Hearts beating in a surreal environment.

Because we give zero fucks.

Because we could do whatever we feel like doing with no one or nothing to stop us.


Saying “goodbye” to my iPhone 5

Because the iPhone 6 is sold out across Singapore, I went ahead with the iPhone 6 Plus. It’s massive. The screen is in your face. And reading Viber messages that look like they were written in size 36 font is the new normal. My voucher was due to expire so I didn’t want to wait further. I’ve named it PHOEBE, the youngest of the three original Halliwells on Charmed.


We’ve got visitors again!

My boyfriend and I have company again in Singapore. His BFF and a friend of mine are in town this week. We met up at Chjmes earlier. Both his friend and my friend are staying at neighbouring hotels at Cityhall MRT. I’ve no food photos since the kitchen closed early. Harry’s is an okay hangout but, as a chain, it has little character. The wait staff Joseph though was amazing though. They have a beer bucket promo for their brew (5 bottles for SGD 35.00).