Pasar Pink!

New video!

PJ and I dropped by the Pasar Pink! event at Open Farm Community to take a peek at the cute items being sold by Singaporean artists.

It was great to see a warm and inviting atmosphere with good music. We won’t be able to attend Pink Dot activities this year so we decided to find our own little way to support the event.

Drag performer Mona Kee Kee at Hans Im Glück

Great to see Mona Kee Kee again. She performed at Hans Im Glück Republic Plaza (Raffles Place) earlier as part of HIG’s dive into events that have a gay-friendly theme. The event is called Fairytale Forest since… well… you have to see Hans Im Gluck. 🙂

I’m actually 5’5″ okay. She makes me look like I’m 5’1″.

I think it was in 2015 when I first saw Mona Kee Kee perform as part of RIOT! the drag revue with Becca D’Bus.

Mona Kee Kee in 2015
Flashback to 2015 with Mona Kee Kee.


Hans Im Gluck has four branches in Singapore (Orchard, Raffles Place, Boat Quay, and Vivocity). My fave branch is Boat Quay because of the waterfront ambiance. But the Raffles Place branch inside Republic Plaza is quick access to the MRT.

Today I tried their speciality burger which is found on the bookmark-looking menu card they have. I learned that it’s a recipe unique to Hans Im Gluck Singapore.

The German burgergrill has hosted some events together with events team Man About Town.

This post IS NOT sponsored. I just enjoy the burgers. 🙂

The mockery of a Miss Universe.

Television has managed to fuck us.

I can’t find a better way to explain it. We waited 42 years to experience a moment like this. You know, when the camera zooms in on Miss Philippines as she is crowned the winner of a pageant that is so embedded in Filipino pop culture.

The original selling point of Miss Universe, in my opinion, are traditions and production values. Parading around in a swimsuit may seem outdated (there are male beauty pageants, don’t forget)… but compared with the other shitty content out there… strutting your body on television is okay especially if you worked hard for it.

The idea of a honest mistake such as announcing the wrong winner at that pivotal moment can be a traumatic experience. People see it happen to the ladies on-screen: Miss Colombia, Miss Philippines. But how about the viewers who have invested time and latched emotions onto this pageant. Continue reading “The mockery of a Miss Universe.”

RIOT! Drag Show at TAB Orchard

We got tickets to RIOT! earlier (May 9, 2015 show) which was hosted by Singapore’s own drag queen Becca D’Bus (Clever salute to the civil rights movement) and featured drag queens Mona Kee Kee (and the Vajajays), Noristar, and Layla Onfire. With the special participation of Vanda Miss Joaquim during Layla’s Alaska Thunderfvck performance.

Oh my… I’m now familiar with our local drag queens!

Great show and great to be able to support the local drag scene. I’ve seen Willam, Alyssa Edwards, and Laganja Estranja from RPDR in two previous shows. This was the first to catch local drag queens exclusively.

With Mona Kee Kee!
With B and Greg.
The queens of RIOT! (May 9, 2015 show).


Some scenes from RIOT! Drag Show.


Witnessing thousands gather for Pink Dot SG 2014

“What we are and who we are is not a choice. It is not a lifestyle. We are born this way and so we should be proud of ourselves. When we are all lucky to find that special someone, we shouldn’t be told we cannot love. I hope and I know that Singapore will eventually become a place where we all can truly enjoy the freedom to love.”

Watched and observed Singaporeans come together to form their 6th Pink Dot. The atmosphere was electrifying. Reminded me of my first time to attend Manila Pride. It was touching to see all walks of the LGBT spectrum coming together to celebrate so much love. We really have to do our part to end the hate and bigotry. It doesn’t matter if you are in the United States, the Philippines, or Singapore. We all deserve the freedom to love and that truth is universal.

None of photos I took while visiting Pink Dot SG give justice to the incredible showing of love. See photos from their official albums to see more wonderful, beautiful takes from the event.

pd001 pd002 pd003 pd004 pd005 pd006 pd007 pd008 pd009 pd010 pd011 pd012 pd013 pd014 pd014b pd015 pd016 pd017

A video I took during the national anthem segment:

pd018 pd019 pd020 pd021 pd022

Visit Pink Dot SG’s official website for more information.


Same-sex love in 2013

The LGBT rights movement took a momentous leap forward in 2013 with the United States Supreme Court striking down the Defense of Marriage Act or DOMA. The Obama administration stopped defending DOMA and a colourful roster of characters including Edith Windsor shattered that glass ceiling. Love is spreading.

In California, Proposition 8 was ruled unconstitutional which restores same-sex marriage in what I consider my home state.

While more mainstream personalities are coming out of the closet and the level of LGBT acceptance reaching historical highs (including Pope Francis’ statement “Who am I to judge?”)… the LGBT movement has setbacks in countries like Russia, India, and Uganda.

Let’s see how this momentum will continue in 2014.