Photos: Trip to Kuala Lumpur

I recently bought a new camera to support my new video blogs. I love it so far! It records great video, takes pretty good snaps, and the best part? It’s really portable! I sound like an advertisement! WTH.

With my new Canon G7X Mark II! Loving this camera!

I’ve recorded one full video episode using this camera. Check it out by clicking the link. It’s not so bad in low lighting!

Below are some fun photos I took during my 6-9 August 2016 trip to Kuala Lumpur. (please hover for captions or click to enlarge!)

Hiking in Kota Tinggi Pt. 3

Click here for Part 1 and Part 2.

It felt great that the scary part was done. By the next morning, I wasn’t really afraid of encountering a leech. No thunderstorm. Great weather.

I stepped outside of the tent to help make sandwiches. I also evaluated the camp site. It was a flat area underneath a tall tree. I could see the nearby stream. There were hikers walking up and down the nearby trail. Two of them came to visit us and say hello. After a short while, the two hikers didn’t leave yet. DID THEY WANT OUR FOOD? OUR BREAKFAST? Continue reading “Hiking in Kota Tinggi Pt. 3”

Hiking in Kota Tinggi Pt. 2

You cannot pass.

Gunung Panti won’t let us climb up its slopes. According to the mystery guide along the trail, we required a permit. Kap Cal was surprised since this was the first time he had heard of a permit after climbing many times previously. Was this a precaution after the tragic events at Mount Kinabalu?

We made our way back down the trail. It was muddy and our mood was somewhat spoiled. San na kami pupunta? Mag-momotel na lang ba kami sa Kota Tinggi? Where is Kap Cal leading us?

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Hiking in Kota Tinggi Pt. 1

Leeches, lightning, hornets… these are some of the things I’m fearful of. So when you put all of these things together, you can imagine the fear on my face. I get squeamish at the sight of blood. A bolt of lightning is terrifying and it gives me goosebumps. Seeing any insect in large quantity, concentrated over one area… also one of my greatest fears.

Our destination was Kota Tinggi, Malaysia. One of my teammates is an avid mountain climber and he volunteered to lead a group of some newbies up Gunung Panti… a small mountain near Kota Tinggi with a teeming population of leeches. How did I prepare?

I looked for the thickest socks I could find in my cabinet.

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Jalan Alor, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I still can’t tell if Jalan Alor is more touristy now than ever. But since we were staying near Jalan Alor, we decided to have merienda and dinner there. The ambiance still feels raw and vibrant compared to the restored Chinatown Food Street in Singapore. The beef satay I tried at one of the stalls was disappointing but the chicken satay was tasty. I think this was my second or third time at Jalan Alor and I noticed more tents were pitched up front.

Jalan Alor is located in Bukit Bintang almost a stone’s throw away from the new MRT station they are building there.



Rainforest Bed and Breakfast, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


This boutique hotel located near Changkat Bukit Bintang is wonderfully located in terms of accessing the monorail, KL Pavillion, and KLCC (via a covered walkway). That is if you don’t mind that the neighbourhood is a party place and you can hear the music thumping even in your room.

I’ve stayed at backpacker’s places before and to be honest, Rainforest BnB was a bit of a let-down during our visit because all the rooms we got had poor air conditioning. I rarely complain but with KL’s humidity beating down on you, the a/c in the rooms was almost non-existent. The staff was friendly enough to give us a different room, but my friend and I encountered the same problem.

The “breakfast” portion was also a let-down because I was expecting a bit more above the standard backpacker fare of toast and jam.

Stay here if you want easy access to everything in Bukit Bintang and don’t mind the party music at 2 o’clock in the morning. Consider this place because it is photogenic and if you don’t mind terrible air-conditioning. Or, if you plan to book, ask for rooms where the a/c is functional.

But as I’m reaching my 30s soon, I feel like it’s time to graduate from staying at backpacker places (even if this is more of a “bed and breakfast” boutique hotel)… I’d like to stay at 3-4 star hotels in my next travels.



Rainforest BnB website:


Photos: Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The caves were amazing and large! Definitely worth a visit if you are going to KL. I wasn’t expecting the caves to be that large and vast. Incredible to climb up all those stairs. Batu Caves is a Hindu temple, and one of the most famous ones outside India.

To get to Batu Caves, take the KTM Komuter from KL Sentral up to Batu Caves (the northern-most terminus). The train station sits right outside the caves which is even more fantastic.





Photos: Tune Hotel klia2 (KLIA, Malaysia)

I’ve always wanted to try Tune Hotel. My past accommodations in KL were hostels in Chinatown and hotels in parts of the city. I’ve never stayed at an airport hotel before.

J and I booked a night at Tune Hotel klia2 which is connected to the new klia2 terminal. Incredibly convenient and (above) budget-friendly. While a night here isn’t as cheap as a place downtown, I love how it’s just outside the budget terminal. The facilities look clean. Convenient for those who are stopping quickly over in KL.

We booked a double bed for MYR 200.00 (SGD 78.00/PHP 2,600). Checking in at midnight with an intention to check out by 9am. Oh, and the staff at the reception were warm and welcoming.