Hiking in Kota Tinggi Pt. 3

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It felt great that the scary part was done. By the next morning, I wasn’t really afraid of encountering a leech. No thunderstorm. Great weather.

I stepped outside of the tent to help make sandwiches. I also evaluated the camp site. It was a flat area underneath a tall tree. I could see the nearby stream. There were hikers walking up and down the nearby trail. Two of them came to visit us and say hello. After a short while, the two hikers didn’t leave yet. DID THEY WANT OUR FOOD? OUR BREAKFAST? Continue reading “Hiking in Kota Tinggi Pt. 3”

Johor Bahru: A foot massage at Thai Odyssey (Review)

While browsing around Johor Bahru City Square, I ran into a beautifully decorated Thai massage place called Thai Odyssey. Touted as the “Best Family Spa” with “Presented by Ministry for Tourism Malaysia”. Wow, sounds quite fancy. Continue reading “Johor Bahru: A foot massage at Thai Odyssey (Review)”

Johor Bahru: Visiting Johor Bahru City Square

It was my first visit to JB and since I arrived late afternoon I didn’t feel like going out to explore the streets and other districts of the southern Malaysian city. My objective was clear from the beginning. I crossed the border to eat at KFC!

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How to get to Johor Bahru from Singapore

The narrow Straits of Johor divides Singapore from Malaysia. The two countries can look at each other all afternoon. The original “bridge” between the two is the Johor-Singapore Causeway, built almost a hundred years ago. A second link opened in 1998 to connect Singapore’s west coast (Tuas) to Malaysia. The Causeway I passed through earlier is the most popular one, which connects directly into downtown Johor Bahru, which is Peninsular Malaysia’s southernmost city. I also read it’s considered the southernmost city on the Eurasian continent.

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