crazy rich asians.

i loved it.

almost magical. cheesy? it’s not because i’m living in singapore. it’s magical because of the sacrifices rachel was willing to do for nick. she understands how big family means to nick. and that sometimes you just have to walk away.

what lengths would you go through… for love?

Star Trek Into Darkness

Loved every part of it. How they blend an old favorite Star Trek movie to a new visually-powerful one is awesome. The film is littered with easter eggs for older Star Trek fans like myself. It was a real treat.

I caught the advance screening last week at Shaw Lido thanks to a company perk. I saw it again in Imax format in Shaw Lido earlier. It’s a real sci-fi/action film that blows the competition away. Hello, Oblivion?

JJ Abrams and crew… Love!