It’s mid October in Singapore

I haven’t had any updates in a month. I’ve had my hands tied with getting good work done + a hoard of other things as we head into the twilight of the year. I’ll do a sweep.

Semi-lockdown. The local community cases in Singapore have reached record highs. Gone are the days we would hear about five, fifteen, or twenty-five cases. The local community cases are now in the thousands. Yup! Thousands. But it comes with the feeling of opening up an umbrella as you step into monsoon weather. 83% of the residents in this country are fully vaccinated. The language and tone has shifted to endemic living. “It’s going to be like this, get used to it.”

Upcoming cruise to nowhere. I never imagined I’d book myself on one of these. But after twenty months of living safely within this island city-state, it’s time to see the open oceans. PJ and I are joining two of our flatmates on a Royal Caribbean cruise which departs Singapore, goes out to sea, and comes back to Singapore after three days. Onboard activities include sushi making, world capitals quiz games, and bumper cars. I’m looking forward to holding a Prosecco with a view of blue skies, blue ocean.

Squid Game. I never imagined I’d watch this series after I stepped back from Alice in Borderland on its third episode. I’m finding myself hooked. I want the memes to make sense to me. I want to understand how another South Korean title can take the world by storm. The series is brilliant.

Hometown Cha-cha-cha. This is absolutely necessary to wash off Squid Game each night. It’s a past-time of our generation to enjoy these feel-good Korean dramas. How can they make a seaside town look so dreamy? IRL, a town like Gongjin must be scorching hot. Here, the townspeople are lovable. You have Shin Min-a and Kim Seon-o who have great onscreen chemistry. This is fun to watch.

Japanese classes. I’m wrapping up the first term of my basics course with Tomo Japanese Language School. I’m going to continue to the next term. I’m enjoying the classes because you pro-actively have to shadow sensei and your classmates. I’m pairing his with Duolingo.

Election fever. Social media is toxic these days. I’ve unfollowed news organisations and I’ve switched off notifications to a majority of apps. I naturally read the news on dedicated news apps. I just don’t need the news to be fed to me every waking moment.

Thoughts about the future. As we move into endemic life in Singapore, I’m comfortable to start dreaming again. What’s a 36 year-old have to say about pursuing new goals, new ventures? I’m all-out now to develop new skills. I’m ready to take on opportunities to accelerate my growth as a dedicated media professional. If there is any doubt, we can recognise it, tag it as “useless”, and discard it.

What did you plan to do today, but didn’t?

Fast answer: I wanted to edit a podcast episode.

Two episodes are sitting in my edit folder right now. But I’m at peace that these have to wait until I can clear other tasks I need to get done right now. One thing I’ve learned recently is that we have to properly schedule our priorities (instead of “prioritising our schedule”). I think this means placing more value in the tasks that contribute to our end goals. Rather than just trying to get everything done.

The podcast is something I’m excited about but it could wait a few more days. 🙂

I’m also happy with how the first four episodes have turned out. You follow the podcast on Spotify here.

Here’s my last episode “Cats on an Airplane” where I interviewed my friend Eric who lives in California.

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What fits you better: living in the countryside or in the city?

Fast answer: Living in the city

Ideally, it could be living in the city on weekdays and living in the countryside on weekends. That’s entirely possible if you had a city dwelling in Metro Manila followed by a Bali-inspired tropical residence somewhere in Laguna.

BTW, I love Presello! I can’t afford the houses on it but it is INSPIRATIONAL.

How about you? What fits you better: living in the countryside or in the city?

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What was your last fight? With whom?

Fast answer: Fought the head of sales (while sparring in Krav Maga)

Is my life boring if I haven’t really fought with anyone. This was a tough question to answer. I had to think long and hard. I was thinking about adding a YouTube video to Final Fantasy VII Remake. Then I remembered I did take part in a “fight” … it was with the head of sales at my previous workplace.

My previous company brought in a Krav Maga trainer to conduct a session with interested employees. The gag was that during the 1:1 sparring, I was paired with the tallest perhaps most masculine of the attendees. The exercise was to slap the thigh of the other combatant. I could barely get to him. Whyyy is everyone from Australia so sporty and competitive.

If you want to see how Krav Maga looks like, here’s a video I found on YouTube featuring the same instructor:

My last “fight” was during a Krav Maga session with the head of APAC sales.

Unrelated. On that same day we had a Zuu session. This was how I looked like in October 2019.

How about you? What was your last fight? With whom?

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Who do you find hard to read?

No fast answer.

Today’s “question of the day” (I use the 365 & me app) is difficult to answer. They always say it’s the quiet people who are hard to read. That might be true. You don’t know what they’re thinking about.


To reframe the question, what do I find hard to read?

Books. I struggle with finishing books. I consume articles, blog entries, cheat sheets, quick guides… but books? It takes me a great deal of time to finish a book. I’ll start one, but I won’t finish it until a few weeks later. There’s a book written by a friend of mine and it’s on top of my books-to-read list.

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Whose life would you like to live?

Boring answer: I’m fine with mine tbh (because I believe even those who seem to live perfect lives, have something going on that we don’t know about)

Fun answer: Simu Liu

We saw Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings at IMAX Jewel Changi Airport over the weekend. It’s one of those movies I’d like to watch again… in the cinema. Entertained! The action sequences, the characters, the primarily Asian cast for a Marvel film… I’d love to watch it again.

I rank it right next to Black Panther – which has been my favourite Marvel film up to now.

Here’s the trailer to Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

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What adventures have you experienced?

Fast Answer: Backpacking in Laos, the country that stole my heart ❤

I can’t believe it’s been a full ten years since our adventures in Laos. I travelled to Laos with my then-partner and our two friends. To this date, that must’ve been “the trip of a lifetime” for me. Why? Because it was one surprise after another. The landlocked Southeast Asian country was a treasure trove. It’s like slipping fifty years into the past where people are kind, generous, and simple. The backbreaking bus ride up to Luang Prabang. The karst landscapes in Vang Vieng. The coffee shops that dot Vientiane. It’s sad to imagine that maybe in 2021, Laos might have already changed. But it’ll always hold a very special memory in my heart from 2011.

To fully answer this question, there are more adventures than I can count. But we can save those for another time.

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