Video: Quickfire with @bekpackr (March 2019)

This is part of a 30-day video challenge with PJ.

We want to practice how we express ourselves in front of a camera. By doing this I noticed I can put my thoughts together faster and answer quickly. We both didn’t get to do 30 videos each (one each day). I flew to Dublin and I had several work commitments that came up. I wanted to wrap up the 30-day challenge by answering the remaining 9 questions in succession.

Here are the original questions:

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His birthday weekend.

We celebrated his birthday at Potato Head Singapore in Keong Saik Road.

Potato Head Singapore

Juicy burgers + cosy ambiance.

Bali Thai Suntec with PJ and his friends David & Shir.

Visiting Transporta at Esplanade Park


Happy birthday, love!