4 Tips for Beginners: Spartan Race Yio Chu Kang Sprint

AROO! Experienced Spartan for a 2nd time earlier. Different venue, different feel! It was in Yio Chu Kang (Ang Mo Kio). Imagine running through a muddy obstacle course with HDBs in the background. Very Singapore! I loved it!


Muddy. I should’ve worn an older pair of shoes and compression.


Love this shot of PJ!

Three tips for beginners based on my experience (because there are elite + experienced Spartans I’ve to learn from too)

  1. Don’t wear new shoes when going to a muddy Spartan. Wear your trusty old pair which you wouldn’t mind getting dirty. This also means choosing appropriate race attire. Wear something comfortable. I wore my 2XU compression shorts and a singlet.
  2. Consider wearing gloves. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But gloves helped me with the climbing and grip of things (like the bucket obstacle).
  3. Beginners, perhaps take your time through the course. It’s a SPRINT. But for beginners, I say don’t feel pressured to finish the course as fast as the more experienced athletes on the course. This also means giving way and moving to the side to let others pass you. I think that’s important for sportsmanship.
  4. Smile and help others out. I wouldn’t be able to finish this 20+ obstacle course without the help and encouragement of the people around me. Some challenges require climbing up walls and it was great to hear tips from the people who were good at it. These people have trained and for sharing their knowledge, thank you! I also got to pay it forward and help out the person behind me by suggesting where to grip.

The Spartan Race is a test of strength and endurance. It’s also a test of physical and mental. After two Spartans to date (in the discovery phase), I’ve learned that it demands you train your whole body. Upper and lower body muscle groups. All of it. I can probably see why it’s so addictive for the elite Spartans (in red headbands).

Favourite obstacles (define favourite – lol)

  • Wall climb – all types
  • Sand bag on a muddy hill
  • That wall that’s tilted backward

Areas that I really need to train harder for

  • Atlas
  • Rope climbing
  • Obstacles that rely on upper body strength

I hope before I turn 40 I can accomplish a Spartan Race as an elite racer. Shirtless. 😛

This is not a sponsored post. But I’ll point you to the Spartan SG website to learn more.

Thank you Team UFIT and LinkedIn Wellness. ❤

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My first Half Marathon at SCMS 2014

I was so scared the day before the race since it was my first time to join the Half Marathon route of Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore. I joined the 10KM run in 2012 and 2013.

Why did I sign up for 21.1KM or the half marathon? Mainly because after doing the 10KM two years in a row, it was becoming too familiar. I wanted to push myself further this year.

However, I wasn’t able to train for my first half marathon. While I’d like to believe I’m more physically fit now compared to six months ago (with all the dragon boat newbie trainings), running hasn’t taken off. I also nursed a fever this past week.

I stayed over at a friend’s house in Normanton Park since it’s closer to the HM starting point at Sentosa.

The flag-off was at 6:30AM but we were part of the last wave of participants. The HM route starts off at the entrance of Sentosa, heads towards the beaches from Palawan to Siloso, enters Resorts World Sentosa and Universal Studios Singapore, exits through RWS back onto the bridge towards VivoCity, climbs up a fly-over and heads over towards Labrador Park MRT before u-turning back towards the city. Runners exit the elevated highway near Maxwell Road before turning in at the CBD at Tanjong Pagar, passing by Lau Pa Sat, then towards the Padang where the finish line was. Wheeew.